Monday, July 31, 2017

Technology Washes Down devout Racing Fan, again...

As once again the World Wide Web Thingy' leaves me Fuming...

Ah, the Joys of being a Blind Vurd' Botcherer trying to follow multiple racing series thru Zed Internetz', which after spending over an hour's time trying to figure out another "Back Door" to listen to the HAPO Columbia Cup live, left me saying FU H1 Unlimited!

As I'd planned on originally publishing the Tri Cities Water Follies HAPO Columbia Cup Wrap I'd spent copious hours upon all last week, but was so pissed off! Thinking I'll just let the floundering series wallow some more...

Woke up early to investigate when Sunday's Indy Lights race would be broadcasted via the IMS Radio Network, for which I hadn't tuned into any Lights action since watching; Err listening to the Iowa broadcast on Peacock-lite, nee NBCSN, with Jake "The Riddler" Queiry and Anders "the Viking!" Krohn in the Booth I believe, since it was so long ago.

Alas, I suppose in a sign of things to come for the day's participation upon Zed Internetz', while I was happy to hear Nicky Salt' Yeoman's voice, for some lame reason, thou Youtube channel's "Webcast" Dumped immediately during the command to fire engines; SIGH!

As this would be the first of four FREAKIN' occurrences of the Youtube channel player going "DARK" during the race; URGH!

Although I did chuckle to myself how the programme Dumped once whilst Michael "Hot Tamale" Young was SCREAMING profusely over a pass for the lead, BLOWING 'Dem Off Air; Hya!

As it was a pretty decent race, and I enjoyed hearing the unfamiliar voice of France's next IndyCar driver; Wee-Wee? Atop the podium, albeit I did listen to Nico Jamin's inaugural victory Wayback at thee Barber's, or was it the Indy GP instead?

As the finish was far more gripping since the Top-2 Drivers weren't impeded by any Silly Backmarkers! a la Esteban Gutierrez; Ariva-Ariva-Ariva! With Santi' (Urrutia) harrying Jamin all the way to the line, with the Uruguayan being disappointed, whilst Shelby Blackstock came home third, his first podium finish of the year.

And since I was having Mucho Grande fantastico with my wobbly Internetz' connections, albeit I'd already planned on watching; Err listening to the B-I-G BOYZ' Indy Cars race on Thy Telie', the live broadcast on CNBC, where Jay's Back, in case Y'all didn't know? "Get Yours!"

I found Kevin Lee much more palatable this weekend, albeit smiling the entire weekend over his major Gaff during the Qualie' broadcast regarding Will Power not making the Fast Six Shootout...

As I finally figured out who's SCREAMING Kevin reminded me of; OH NO! MR. BILL! Of Saturday Night Live Fame...

Yet I sat Thar  in my Easy Chair smilin' broadly, Oh-pinin' to Thyself over how do you follow-up 'Ol R's, aka Robin Miller's Zany Grid Shuffle  antics? As I'm still chucklin' over the Voo-Du Robin put upon the unsuspecting? Max Chilton, who tried coming back at Robin, but seemed to be playing along.

Although it's somewhat telling to me, that I found this to be one of the brighter parts of the race!

As Miller gave Chilton grief over his impending marriage by first giving him a Josef Newgarden Colouring Book for Kids! Followed by a Cooking for Dummies book, saying how he knew Max couldn't boil a cup 'O water; Hya!

followed by some more witty banter and then Somme-thun' about his future wife wanting a Dog. As I couldn't see what Miller handed him?

As in Kevin Lee's words, Josef  STUD! Newgarden put a Beat Down upon the IndyCar grid! Although the STUD! Moniker is my own, for which perhaps I understand the nausea caused by silly nicknames. As I  too find Paul Tracy's "slick Willy P" and "Joey New-Gibe" obnoxious...

Then I'd hoped to tune into the H1 Unlimited Hydroplane race from the Tri Cities around 4PM Pacific for the finale, yet I simply couldn't SEE how to make the multiple websites I visited FUCKING work!

Yeah, I'm gonna use the word FUCKING! Which I don't understand why it's gotta be Bleeped Out these days? Since I was able to discern that Daniel Ricky' Ricciardo's In-car transmission after the team confirmed Is that who I think it was? Snarled FUCKING Sore Loser! In regards to team-mate Max Verstappen clouting him on Lap-1!

As the H1 Unlimited Homepage directed me to some wackoid Yakima NBC website for which I could never SEE where the Listen Live link or Youtube channel windows were! And the secondary SX Somme-thun-rudder website wasn't any better; CRAP!

Then I spent probably over a half hour trying to make the RETARDED KONA 610AM website come alive! As IT talked about leave Beta now, along with not letting me choose the FAO for Streaming NOT Working link et al; SHIT!

Even tried going to the Madison, Indiana WORX  96.7FM website, which MORONICALLY kicked Yuhs back to the P.O.S. KONA 610AM website, so I was extremely PEEVED!

Thus, after an entirety, having left the IndyCar Post-race banter early, apparently I spent; Err wasted some hour and a half's plus time  struggling mightily to make stupid, non-Screen Reader friendly websites "Play!"

Since finally at 4:35PM, the Tri Cities Herald posted the Breaking News story telling the winner of the Columbia Cup race.

Alas, I never got to listen to the live call of the HAPO Columbia Cup, for which Can You Hear Me Now Mark "I've Got A Plan" Miles! I do NOT wanna try listening to Indy Cars being live streamed on some Puka' Smartfone App!

As I settled back down into the Easy Chair in Thy living room for the F1 Replay at 6:30PM Pacific, I was quite pleased that I could simply pick up my TV Remote, turn it on and viola! Thars' Leigh Diffey squawking at me

No Fuss, No Muss! Which Ain't exactly what thee Iceman' Kimi Raikkonen was saying, since there's just something really WRONG that sticks in my Craw over the Formula 1 team's manipulating the winner's outcome of the race...

Although I'm still very surprised that Lewis Hamilton kept his word and let Valtteri Bottas back by for third place on the final lap of the race. Since it'll be funny if Hamilton loses the title to Vettel by three points, eh?