Tuesday, July 18, 2017

F1: Hey Liberty, how about us?

Valtteri Bottas Williams F1 Showcar on display at the 2014 F1 Fanfest event in Downtown Austin, Texas. (The Tomaso Collection)
Funny how Formula 1's new owner's were Ah-wash with Pumping Up Jolly 'Ol England while the U.S. doesn't even have a proper Fanfest anymore. Like Hell! They even Stole our Cars 3 Stars...

While I'm very impressed over the Mega F1 Live Show that Liberty Media staged for Britain, which after all is the home of the majority of the Formula 1 Teams, as I'd say Constructors, but our Haas F1 seems to have bucked that mold.

Yet it's Funny to Mwah, since the first three years I attended the USGP at COTA, nee Circuit Of The Americas, there was a wonderful, FREE Austin F1 Fanfest event taking place in Downtown Austin, on its legendous' 6th Avenue, where all the live music occurs.

But when arriving for the 2015 USGP, my last Formula 1 race outing, unwisely the event had been moved to Rainy Street and we simply skipped attending!

Thus, while I cannot ascertain if the Austin F1 Fanfest still exists or not? It would behoove Liberty Media to provide us Fans a similar style F1 Live show in Austin, if they're truly trying to invigorate the U.S. market, for which I'm so tired of the lip service paid to us over the past decades...

Since I know it's not Liberty Media's fault, but seriously? My BOMBASTIC Cable TV provider comca$t appears to be forcing it's might upon quashing its competitors by NOT offering a single decent, Daytime Replay of this year's British Grand Prix; SHEISA!

As even funnier yet, the F1 Qualie' session was being replayed when Indy Cars Fast Six Shootout Qualie' session was taking place live in Toronto - and then replaying the Indy Cars qualifying at 3:30PM Pacific if they Don't get Bumped 'N Runned by 'RASSCAR lite!
(Whale', lookee Thar, Wada Yuhs know? The X-finity Rasscar-lite Taxicabs race, sponsored by provider comca$t Done Run 48mins late, and indeed gave Indy Cars tape delayed coverage the Chrome Horn treatment...) While how many people knew that the IndyCar race was live on NBC's Third String CNBC Network, eh? Before the Sliced 'N Dice Ghinzu Knifes replay was shown on Peacock-lite later that afternoon...

As Y'all can check out some old pictures sent to me from Austin Hostess Nelie, regarding various aspects of the 2014 Austin F1 Fanfest event that took place on 6th Avenue in Downtown Austin.

As who were those Cool Dudes? NO! Not Bloody 'Jense and his Sidekick Kevin Bacon' Magnussen; Hya!

More Pics' from F1 Fanfest including some Ooh la-la Red Bull lasses...

Whilst the coolest thing I've ever witnessed at Austin was the Red Bull Racing's F1 Demonstration run on Austin's Congress Avenue, when Seb' Vettel and  Daniel Ricciardo ripped it UP in a past Formula 1 normally aspirated V-8 chassis; SWEET!