Tuesday, July 18, 2017

F1: Rare profile 'O current Driver's title Protagonists...

Why does this picture of two famous florencians' named Ellie Mae & Harry make me think of Formula 1's Top-2 Protagonists? (The Tomaso Collection)
Ah shucks, lookie thar, "Golden Child" and 'lil Sid Viddle are playin' nice with each other; BAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH...

Yeah, probably shouldn't have posted this, but; this is how I feel towards Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel right now! As I'm not sure which of them is the largest Nincompoop Ja-Ja!

As Lewis should really be embarrassed over snubbing his adoring, fawning, Hometown Brits' at the just concluded F1 Live show, for which if the Daily Mail's story is true, then Grow Up Lewis!

But Don't get me wrong! Vettel AIN'T NO Choir Boy! And really should be on Somme-thun' stronger than the FIA's Double Secret Probation right now, as I fail to see how he hasn't brought the sport into Disrepute not once, but twice...

Meanwhile, guessing it's just Mwah? But did Y'all notice Hamilton's concerted effort all weekend long to mention how much he loved the Fans paying Attenzione to Him, after his Mega Foopah of Dissing them by being the lone Formula 1 Driver not attending the F1 Live show!

Hmm? What's that 'bout how his British subjects just don't understand him? Since after all he's primary home is in Monaco, along with a Colorado ranch and partying in Los Angeles, New York and... I say Bloody Well Done Mate!

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