Friday, July 21, 2017

F1: Was Vettel singing the Sounds of Music or Yodeling Obscenities at Silverstone?

Sebastian Vettel reminding then Red Bull team-mate Mark Webber who's No 1 with his trademark winning salute brandished upon multiple cool down laps. (Image source:
As the four times Wunderkin' world champion has indelibly left his stain upon the sport...

I must admit firstly, that I was off on multiple Trams towards The City of Destiny bright "N early Wayback on Monday morning, July 3rd, when the Mad Hatters of Place de la Concorde were deciding whether to further investigate 'lil Sid Viddle's appalling coming together with Lewis Hamilton in Baku, during that infamous Safety car period.

For which we all know the outcome of; SHEISA! But since I've been overly harsh recently towards whom I've taken to calling Golden Child, nee Lewis Hamilton here in Nofendersville.

As still cannot believe Hamilton's F1 Live Show snubbing! In the fairness of transparency, I'm also NOT impressed one single Bloody iota over the countless antics of 'lil Sid Viddle, aka Seb' Vettel.

Like Seriously? How did he get away with telling the FIA Race Director Charlie Whiting to G-O FUCK HIMSELF! Repeatedly on the International TV Feed at Mexico last year! Daddy, you said a BAD word!

As Peacock-lite's Pitlane Reporter, the 'Wee Willie Buxom (Will Buxton) pointed out on his F1 blog, before apparently the Internetz' Trolls and Legions of Doom, or is that lesions de les Miserable's? Bombarded him with visceral broadsides... That Vettel had callously rammed Hamilton after apparently getting caught out when following the Cheeky Brit behind the Safety Car!

As I fail to see how this is nothing other than a clear-cut episode of Vettel having Road Rage! For which the FIA's, and ultimately Jean Todt, who's worked so diligently for his legacy to be centered around Road Safety is the ultimate Farce!

As Vettel landed nothing more than Strike 2 during his second meeting with Monsieur Todt at his summer residence in Paris, to be placed once again on Double Secret Probation, whilst I believe Vettel should have been given a One-race Ban for his transgression, since after all, if a Four-times world champion can get away with that...

As compare 'N contrast another Sporting Organization's swift dealing and strong message sent to its participants regarding two cyclist's coming together in the Sport's biggest race...

Lastly, I found myself saying Bravo to "Professor (Steve) Matchett" during the Austrian GP Post-race banter, bursting out in laughter as he mused over how Vettel was still questioning the officials over Bottas Blitzkrieg start, when he should be keeping his mouth shut when it comes to Officials! Especially after his Ah Shucks Argy-Bargy incident at Baku!

Whilst Grizzled Journo' Joe Saward pointed me towards a new voice in the Blogosphere, when pointing out how Darren Heath rightly noted how la Scuderia, nee Ferrari isn't doing itself any  favours with their media Blackouts, and thus, dually deserve the Black Eye treatment they're garnering from the Press. For which I'd say Ditto towards 'lil Sid Viddle...

As Vettel running his tyres off at Silverstone really isn't a new phenomena, and his losing his nearly one race points lead serves him right!

And Formula 1's become so Bland with just Vettel vs. Hamilton to realistically choose for the title, that I didn't even bother watching Lewis's Coronation at Bloody Silverstone...

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