Friday, November 18, 2016

Vettel bites into Jalapeno's at Mexican GP!

Bosom Buddies Max Verstappen and Seb Vettel at this year's Mexican GP. (Image source: c/o Active Pictures)
Ariva-Ariva-Ariva! How the mighty have fallen, Eh! As apparently somebody slipped some Hot sauce accidently into Sebastian's drinks bottle...

Yeah, this will be O-L-D News by the time I can fit I-T into the No Fenders Bullpen rotation but; wasn't that just the most entertaining end of what was shaping up as a pretty dull race at Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, besides the first lap Hi-jinxes, Ci!

As somehow I'm doubting, when furiously poondin' this out prior to the Brazilian GP that there wouldn't be so many bottle rockets going off at Interlagos, which hopefully I'll be able to catch in its entirety on Thy Telie...

But back to the previous Fireworks, as some like I-T Hot, and some not so much, as I really think that that 'lil Dutchboy's gotten inside Seb Vettel's head! Whilst it was Verstappen's teammate Daniel Ricky' Ricciardo ultimately getting the last laugh.

Whilst apparently 'lil Sid Viddle did the Angry Byrd dance in the media Bullpen afterwards, asking the reporter why are you trying to paint me into a corner?

And good for the Dutch teenager having fun at Vettel's expense by telling the media that he needs to have his mouth washed out.

With Max's team-mate Ricciardo, who got the better of the German Wunderkind at Red Bull in 2014, saying Vettel's gone over the top.

And lastly, as typical Thou Lord 'O Oversteer cuts to the chase by rightly pontificatin' for the return of those fluffy, manicured, crushed rock gravel traps...