Monday, November 7, 2016

AUTOS: The Droning of Autonomous Noise...

Will motor racing survive with the advent of the Autonomous Car?

I first heard of the proposed takeover of McLaren by Apple in The Detroit News Wayback' on Thursday evening, Sept 21, before deciding to search for more information in the London Telegraph via my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service later that night.

As Grizzled Journo' Joe Saward, who after all is a Real Journalist, whilst I just play Juan' on Zed Internetz'; Hya! Expounded in his typical No Nonsense style why this wouldn't happen...

Yet ironically, at the very same time that the McLaren-Apple Electrification; Err Autonomousization', or more likely the Atomization of McLaren's Soul? Was being bantered about, a different type of alarmingly DISGUSTING News was hitting the pages of Thy local Fish-wrap, The Seattle Times, which I listen to daily via my NFB Newsline telephone service.

For which the link may/may not open, as The Seattle Times is trying to do everythingy' in their diminishing powers to drive away potential readers by constantly blocking access with a nefarious Pay Wall Subscribe Now page; URGH!

As merely the idea of floating this "Trial Balloon" is simply NAUSEATING! And totally reeks of the ultimate in Class Warfare! As seriously? We're gonna turn Interstate I-5 between Washington and Oh KanaDuh! A 150-mile stretch of highly used major thoroughfare linking the two countries between Vancouver, BC and Seattle into a non-useable roadway for the local masses, not to mention transportation, i.e.; trucking industry into a gilded motorway for the Rich and Selfish; SHEISA!

Tear Down that Wall Mr. Trump!

And although I really do NOT understand the true push to force Autonomously controlled "Rorge Retson Astro Carz" upon us. Let that sink in a 'lil while, Y'all...

 This apparent push of banning anybody from traveling upon public Highways suddenly makes Richard S. Foster's notion, so idyllically portrayed by RUSh lyricist Neil Peart in one of the Band's best songs, Red Barchetta not seem that farfetched, eh?

As SORRY Indiana Bureau Chief Daniel Baines Cooper, Rush indeed has MORE than just Working Man as one of their multitude 'O Hit songs! But I digress...

But back to thou business at hand. That as a legally blind automobile Aficionado, and Diehard motor racing enthusiast. Y'all think I'd be ecstatic over the possibilities of Self-driving Cars, especially since I haven't driven one in nearly two decades now; Aye Karumba!

Yet, what primarily allows me to continue living independent ally, is not being tethered to the monetary aspects of vehicle ownership, i.e.; monthly car payments, insurance, petrol and maintenance.

Having ironically just stumbled across a Popular Science magazine story claiming that current automobile ownership now consumes a whopping 18% of one's Household's monthly income! With the U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Fox proclaiming that we could be the last generation to own our own automobiles; GASP!

But seriously Yuhs gOOgle BASTARDOS! I'm gonna be able to afford my Autonomot' when I can barely afford Thy Astronomical Rent here in Seattle!

But I'll probably NOT be able to afford riding in I-T to pick up my pizza. Hey, you're going the WRONG WAY! And my pizza's gettin' cold; Oh Never Mind!

DAMN I-T KITT! I SAID COME BACK! I'm sorry Tomaso, I'm busy recalculating right now...

As suppose it'll be a SAD day indeed, when we can NO longer enjoy in the raptures 'O driving ourselves round thou beloved Ring! As still Don't understand how this push towards Self-driving will help sell more automobiles to potential owners...

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