Friday, November 18, 2016

Mexico's Grand Prix, hold thee Hot Sauce!

Ah, the life 'O luxury, eh? Although NOT nearly as luxurious as Uncle Bernaughty's, who was celebrating his 86th birthday in Mexico City - with NO word if Bosom Buddy "Niki-the Rat" (Lauda) threw a cake in his face; Hya! which would have definitely spiced up the Paddock Dullness, Ci?

Having finally returned home, and with the television coverage at very welcomed times, I settled in to watch; Err listen to A-L-L three days 'O action from Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, now in its third iteration of Grands Prix, or is that Grans Premio's?

As I enjoyed hearing the voice of Sam Posey's cerebral thoughts briefly describing the past events, which made me revel in apparently doing my Homework correctly several years ago...

As really couldn't say that either Friday's or Saturday's televised coverage was overly thrilling, with the main theme seeming to be the extreme lack of grip most drivers were commiserating about.

As (Townsend) T' Bell, who was filling in for the 'Wee Willy Buxom (Will Buxton) this weekend, had some good insights upon the Ash-fault's composition just not being able to build-up any gripable rubber.

As his comments during Qualie', inferring the track get's used only once a year made me think of another discarded circuit in Yeongam. But certainly they don't leave the enchilada's in the Fridges' a whole year in Mexico City; YOUCH!

Naturally, this made me ponder when the last race in Mexico City was? Discovering that the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) had just swept the tarmac for six hours back on Sept 3rd. While NASCAR will hold an Exhibition race sometime this December and then finally Formula E will race Thar next April Fool's Day, Ha-Ha, Ci!

As I was unawares that RASSCAR' was going South of the Border again, with Queen Danica's past sponsor Peak becoming the reconstituted South America TAXicab Series title sponsor when Racin's Rubbin' resumes next year.

As Formula 1 get's I-T! With not one, but two Mexicali's on this year's grid. And even RASSCAR's getting the idea, which makes me wonder why IndyCar's being so resistant? Like Yo Mark Miles, have you noticed how many paying Fans were in attendance that weekend; Aye-yi-yi!

And if Y'all didn't catch my humor 'bout Niki's mythical pie-throwing charade above, then perhaps the following article will help, which gives a pretty good insight upon Mercedes Odd Couple; NO! Not Lauda & Thee Wolfster', (Toto Wolff) but Lewis Hamilton v Nico Rosberg.

Oh Yeah, almost forgot, there was a race Thar, for which it appeared that Rosberg was once again playing it safe; Uhm? Think they call I-T Prevent Defense? Although Me Thinks he's playing with fire if he's ARSE-Summing' he can keep those hungry Red Bull Boyz behind him 'til the end 'O year, right?

As Holy Grass Mowing Corners Batman! Even though the race was headed to be another Dud with Lewis Hamilton serenely dashing off into the distance after some dodgy first corner Hi-jinx!

The final few laps were most enjoyable, especially 'lil Sid Viddle's In-car radio meltdown! For which apparently his telling Charlie Whiting to go F%%K OFF! Ultimately cost him third place, just sayin'