Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Volkswagen saving Face?

How can Yuhs not smile over the comparison 'O Audi's dumping Le Mans in favour 'O Silent Sleepers to choosing a local neighborhood Clog Festival vs. attending the Bolshoi Ballet!

Surely by now, Y'all have heard of Volkswagen's apparent "Belt Tightening" in the wake of its ever growing Diesel Gate Machinations, right?

And surely it's just Mwah, but I find I-T very Interesting that just a week after Audi's somewhat surprising "shock" announcement of quitting Le Mans and the World Endurance Championship, (WEC) comes word of another Volkswagen scandal...

As once again, VW finds itself in "Hot Water" with the latest controversy surrounding the company's murkiness towards complete transparency, which they've supposedly pledged following Diesel Gate Ja Volt!

Yet now Volkswagen's causing a furor with 75 academics angry over the sudden dismissal of VW's longtime Historian Manfred Grieger, who apparently published too much information regarding the company's dark past during the Nazi's regime.

Ironically centering round a 518-page report published last year including detailing Audi's usage of forced laborers from concentration camps during the war. Hmm, Co-inky-dense?

Whilst Grizzled Journo' Joe Saward laments how he fails to understand VW's long-term marketing plan. Noting how dumping Sports Cars and the World Rally Championship (WRC) in favour of solely focusing upon Formula E simply doesn't make sense! And will definitely NOT gain any tractionable marketing benefits.

Then again, may be they'll pull an End Around after Der Fuhrer dies down? As it still really hurts my head that NOBODY ever talks about the environmental aspects of E' lectrification, i.e.; Coal fired power generation, battery disposal, et al; Oh Never Mind!

And that's without even getting started on the noxious Diesel I get to inhale every time I step outdoors to walk to the local grocery store from the Buhzillions 'O Semi's, Delivery Vans and "Power Stroke" PickemUp trucks...