Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Speedy Vintner's new ride...

Although much overdue, having failed to race this year. Nonetheless, like A-L-L Fine Wines, the new for '17 vintage Lexus RC F GT3 has made it's Shakedown track test at "Gingerbread" Raceway, appropriately Justin-time' for this year's Holidazes.

As NO word on whether or not Team 3GT's lead driver Scotty "Scooter" Pruett was wearing a Paul "GOOFY!" gentilozzi mask in honour of Halloween when taking to the track; Hya!

As the Michigan based team will run a pair of brand new Rexuses' in IMSA's GTD (Daytona) class beginning at the Rolex 24 with the ageless Pruett and Sage "Dangerboy" Karam as two of its four regular season drivers, making it seem unlikely that the latter will race Fulltime in Indy Cars next year.

While interestingly, the Lexus  cars will go Mano-e-Mano with another Japanese "import" making its debut in the ever Burgeoning GT ranks, with Michael Shank Racing's pair of Acura NSX's.

And now for the Oh, so Clever Tie-in; Cymbol crash please... Although he AIN'T got NO Vino brand of his own, Sage did chauffer the Reinbold & Dryer Gas Monkey Energy Dallara/Chevy last May at Mother Speedway, albeit doubt that Karam needs any energy drinks; Yeehaw!

Whilst certainly thee Mayor 'O Hinchtown will enjoy some Dom Paragon upon winning this year's Dancing With the Stars, I'm sure he'll have some of his signature Hammertime brew chillin' in case of defeat.

With NO word on 'Ol Scooters' new ride featuring any room for transporting some of his latest Chiroz? Uhm, Y'all know the red stuff, right? Or whatever blushin' colour Shiraz is supposed to be; Hya!

As Yuhs can puruse last year's updated version of racers turned vintners, although Y'all are on your own for deciding what goes good with what; shiraz or Not; Hooah!