Saturday, November 26, 2016


Decade old cherished Nico Rosberg 2006 Williams F1 rookie Hero Card with pencil autograph! (The Tomaso Collection)
Sadly, thanks to the Jackalopes at NBC Sports & Co. Your humble No Fenders scribe Tomaso, who's on Holiday REFUSES to get up at Oh-DARK 30! Even if he could find a Telie' showing the race, and won't get to witness Nico Rosber potentially becoming this year's F1 Driver's world champion; SIGH!

Although I-T definitely doesn't mean one G-DAMN Thingy', it would be very symbiotic for Nico Rosberg to finally become world champion Sunday on Yas Isle! As "We've" got a very tenuous connection to the German, Ja-Ja!

As sure Y'all are gettin' tired of me belabouring the point, especially since I cannot say that Nico's ever moved my "W-O-W Meter!" But ten years ago; CRIKEYS! As a fresh faced 21yr old Williams F1 rookie, he entertained Awntie Harriet, or more likely the other way round; Hya! Who at nearly 87 years young, was flying home from her Juan' & only Formula 1 event, the USGP at Mother Speedway, nee Indianapolis.

And as the master 'O Doublespeak; Err Windbad 'O Soundbytes, Ye 'Ol Uncle Bernaughty, nee Mr. E's stated the obvious by saying Nico better grab the title now, since he may never get another chance; Uh, Duh Bernie! Watch out for 'dem Super Soaker waterin' devices, and DON'T drop Nico's gold medal Bernie!

As it'd be wonderful if Rosberg would simply pull a Lewis and skate off into the horizon from Pole, and win the race by leading flag-to-flag to emphatically cap a most triumphant season!