Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Great Nico!

Nico Rosberg 2006 Williams F1 Hero card
Yeah, most likely Y’all will say I’m makin’ too big a fuss outta that thing called Karma... Yet once again the Karmic-whip has smacked your humble No Fenders scribe firmly upside the head...

Having stayed up into the ‘Wee hours of the night in order to watch the Chinese GP qualifying “Live,” I was quite ecstatic over “Brittany” (Nico Rosberg) finally having scored his debutant Formula 1 Pole position... Of which I waxed on eloquently the next day’s afternoon as ‘Aunty Harriet and I sat outside in the sunshine watching Mary Ellen plant her garden... As I gleefully recanted  the story I’d been told all those years ago - nearly six told - after Clyde had driven us Backhome Again Coast-to-Coast in a frightingly quick two and one-half dazes; CRIKEYS!

Thus, here’s the following excerpt that I retold my audience chronicling thee great ‘Aunty Harriet’s chance meeting with a precocious 21yr old German Formula 1 rookie named Nico Rosberg - to which Mary Ellen said; you’d better remind your (remaining) audience...

Indy day trippin’ - Part 3
(Originally posted on July 16, 2007)

Upon returning from another 2.5 day mad dash across the country and having only stopped at Old Faithful and Devil’s Tower; it was nice to be back home where I watched the (2006 USGP) race tape, where I found Nick Heidfeld’s barrel rolling down the main straight quite scary. I also learned via Bob Varsha that it was 97 degrees (+ Humidity) race day. As well as being the start of the second century of Grand Prix racing…

Calling Elvis; Err ‘Aunty Harriet after finishing the race, I was most shocked to hear her story about who’d sat next to her on her flight home. At the very last moment a young whipper snapper sat down next to her, as it was the last seat on the plane.

Noticing that the young German kid with long blond hair had a slightly funny sounding accent... Harriet inquired, so where are you from? What are you doing in America? After a long pause the kid said. “Ja! I am Nico Rosberg! I have just been at Indy to race in the USGP.


Harriet had to sit next to Williams F1rookie driver Nico Rosberg on her flight from Indy to Chicago as this was the only flight poor Messer Rosberg could find in order to make his connections back home to Germany.

Harriet told him how she’d just attended her very first Formula 1 race and how I was a huge Formula 1 fan… Just before landing the young German who’d turned 21 during the break between the Canadian and USGP reached for his briefcase and pulled a card out. Then of course neither of them had a pen, so they frantically searched for a writing utensil and finding a pencil. Nico scribbled an autograph onto his race card for Mwah...

SHEISA!!! How come I never get to have anybody famous sit next to me, eh?

To read the whole BLOODY story, (Parts one-two-three) see: Indy day trippin’

Now Y’all know why I wish I could have witnessed Nico’s maiden Grand Prix victory via le Telescreen. As I believe it makes the German the first new Grand Prix winner in four years - since some other ‘Wunderkin named Sebastian Vettel. And it matches a precocious ‘Brit’s seven seasons ‘til first victory; Y’all may know him, his name is ‘Jense...