Thursday, May 3, 2012

Why doesn’t Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing have a Full time Sponsor?

Otay, so I’m highly biased towards this little team that CAN; BUTT! For the life ‘O Riley, why in Tarnations doesn’t’ Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing (SFHR) have a full time sponsor adorning its blank blue & white sidepods? WTF! I mean C’mon, really - how can anybody not get behind their Studly rookie driver Joseph Newgarden...

As I enjoyed listening to Patrick Stefan of Trackside Online (TSO) describe the qualifying action live via ze Internetz from Sao Paolo - three thoughts popped into my head. One: Why do I have to go to TSO to get the weekly racing schedule in an easy-to-read format? Two: I think Patrick needs to work on getting a little more ‘Geeked a la lead IMS Radio Broadcast announcer Mike “Yippee Aye Eh!” King; Hya! And Three: This Newgarden kid is going places!

Yeah, I know three Big Carz races doesn’t define a drivers body of work; BUTT! I just truly get the feeling that the young Nashvillian is an Up & Comer. As he had the audacity to attempt passing Dashley LePew (Dario Franchitti) on the outside on lap-1 for the lead before getting a Dario ‘LUV-tap to put ‘em into the tyres at Long Beach.

Then Joseph simply goes out in qualifying in Brazil and outshines ‘Ol Twinkle-toes, nee ‘Hulio Castro-nervous  and some elder statesman named ‘Rubino, (Rubens Barrichello) along with TK “follow-your-Schnoz” Kanaan - all in their home race... Along with out qualifying Ryan Briscoe, Marco Andretti, Simon Pagenaud, etc; yet alas, Newgarden didn’t proceed further then P9 - as there was only ‘Juan Minnowesqe team mixin’ it up with the Big Boyz in the Fast Six final Qualie session. His name is fondly known here at No Fenders as Justin ‘BIG UNIT Wilson and he was driving the Sonny’s BBQ-mobile for Dale Coyne Racing.

Newgarden then rolled off P8 after Justin Wilson’s car failed post-qualifying tech and ran as high as fourth place for awhile before it all fell apart - getting a ‘LUV-tap from “Symona-Symona” (de Silvestro) and kissing the wall during an 8-car melee! Then reportedly standing around in the Pits to potentially return if lotso cars got taken out in the races latter stages... I assume for scoring points for the rookie title fight, although I don’t believe he ever returned and eventually wound up finishing 23rd...