Friday, May 25, 2012

INDY 500: Don’t forget the Rookies...

Was gonna go into great lengths of showcasing each driver; BUTT! Since perennial IndyCar ‘Hack Kurty Cavin has already done this sorta... I’ll just save my thoughts on this impressive I500 rookie class for after I return from the Speedway...

Here’s my very first-ever attempt at handicapping duh Rookies... Please be WARNED; this is just my very NON-scientific choices and Odds may NOT actually represent real chances of winning this year’s R.O.Y. crown at the Brickyard. As I’d haveda say that Wade Cunningham is my Dark horse, whilst I’d enjoy seeing either Thy Leggy ‘Juan or Brian Closson pull a rabbit outta ‘Dar Hats...

(Car No./Driver/Team/Engine/Unofficial Odds)
77) Simon Pagenaud
Team: Schmidt Hamilton Racing
Engine: Honda
Odds: 7:1

41) Wade Cunningham
Team: A.J. Foyt Enterprises
Engine: Honda
Odds: 10:1

67) Joseph Newgarden
Team: Sarah Fisher Hartman racing
Engine: Honda
Odds: 10:1

39) Bryan Clauson
Team: Sarah Fisher Hartman racing
Engine: Honda
Odds: 15:1

8) Rubens Barrichello
Team: KV Racing Technology
Engine: Chevrolet
Odds: 20:1

19) James Jakes
Team: Dale Coyne Racing
Engine: Honda
Odds: 25:1

6) Katherine Legge
Team: Dragon Racing
Engine: Chevrolet
Odds: 40:1

64) Jean Alesi
Team: Fan Force United
Engine: Lotus
Odds: 100:1