Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Playing Find duh IndyCar “Live” stream

This confusing malady seemingly sums up the current state ‘O Indy Carz... As I spent almost the entire afternoon of Saturday being mystified over how come thee magnificent; NOT! Indycar.com website was coming up as two completely DIFFERENT web-pages when I tried the two competing browsers - after having begun the first half-hour plus (10:15-10:51AM) by repeatedly displaying the universal YOU’RE SCREWED! Page 404 Website NOT found ERROR message, upon my “internet EXPLODER” (Internet Explorer) Bookmarks page...

Having received the following reply from my ‘Blogmeister Miguel later in the afternoon;
Dude, the m. site is their mobile site for smartphones...

Having sent the following email:
Internet EXPLODER:


Hey! I just figured I-T out, although I DON'T know why the internetz EXPLODER URL is being re-directed on my IE8 browser via XP. (Operating system)

When I type www(dot)indycar(dot)com on internetz EXPLODER on my Confuzer for reasons unknown(?) it’s defaulting me to what I suspect is the mobile page? Since it’s got an M(dot) in the URL address... So if U try the two websites above you'll see what I'm talking 'bout despite U thinking that this poor 'Ol Cornfused blogger is on DRUGS; Hya!

Perhaps this was Indy Cars way of remedying their BROKEN website this morning which started as a Page 404 Website NOT found ERROR message, eh?

As silly me... Thinking I’d check ‘N see if I could listen to some of Saturday’s riveting Opening Day IndyCar practice via the maligned indycar.com website; URGH! As this technical difficulty upon Indy Cars behalf really behooves me... As I won’t go into all of the reasons I continue using microSOFT’s internetz EXPLODER vs. Mozilla; Yet! I should NOT have to go thru the headaches described above just to try following the faltering Indy Car series...

I mean what’s next? May be they’ll require the two Lotus cars to add turn signals to those exquisite rear bumpers; Err wheel guards in order to let the leaders know when they’re entering the Pits... Or may be they’ll need to adorn SLOW vehicle triangles upon their spiffy new Batmobile spats, eh? Oh Never Mind!

Now somebody pass me a Heineken; Ja-Ja!