Thursday, May 31, 2012

Weeze ‘Luvs Yuh Randy!

In apparently what was the TWEET heard ‘round duh World... Herroe? Chirp-Chirp, is this thingy on? IndyCar CEO Randy “The CandyMann” Bernard has apparently fired off his first not so positive tweet claiming that an anonymous team owner is calling for his head on a platter and that Randy be fired toot sweet!

Hmm? Cannot really say I blame the owners this time - as what is Bernard expecting with all of the Buffoonery he’s personally overseen during his tenure... As after all last time I checked - this AIN’T NO buckin’ bronco circus Yuhs hear?

Yet, I cannot personally say that I wish to resort back to the “Ronnie” TG George era either! And you’ve gotta be absolutely FREAKIN’ kidding ‘bout inserting BillyBob Brazenheartz (Brian Barnhart) as his replacement, right? Although I’d suggest that Randy get busy fixing Indy Cars Foopah’s instead of tweeting about people NOT liking him - as after all isn’t that a NEGATIVE thingy to do Mr. Bernard? As it sounds like ‘Ol ‘R’s suggestion about a Lieutenant Governor is a sensible suggestion - provided it AIN’T Barnhart! Hmm? Perhaps Chris Kneiffel...