Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chrysler Snakes back into GT Racing

Otay, so this is definitely old news; BUTT! It’s great to hear that the Viper GTS/R is returning to competition with the unveiling of the 2013 rendition, albeit I have NO idea exactly what it looks like...

But I’m very biased towards this automotive ‘Snake, as it’s probably my all-time favourite Indy 500 Pace car, which sadly the Speedway seems to have done some sort of exclusivity pact with GM; URGH! Although I haveda say that the 2009 Camaro looked pretty ‘Sweet at the Penske Racing Museum.

Thus look for the new ’13 STR-Viper racecar to slither its way past the competition in the GT ranks later this year, as two of the V-10 pythons produced by Riley Technologies will contest the American Le Mans Series GT class... As interestingly, this will be the first V-10in the GT class which currently sees a bevy of V-8 powered BMW’s, Corvettes, Ferrari’s and Lotus bangin’ fenders... Thus I’d assume that some sort of equivalency formula will be utilized to keep the Vipers in line with the others horsepower-wise... But this is definitely ‘Juan car that would get me interested in the ALMS again - now if it was only on TV regularly...

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