Thursday, November 10, 2016

F1: Return of the American Constructor...

First a brand new Yank' F1 Team arrived on the grid. Next an American Tycoon and his Entertainment business purchased Formula 1, leaving only an American driver out of the mix...

As that's the story I posted here upon thou No Fenders pages last year, prior to the somewhat controversial arrival of Haas F1. And NO! I'm NOT meaning as in Gene Haas and his sorted legal affairs Ye earlier Days. Can Y'all say Tax Evasion! But I digress...

Nope, the controversy surrounds the clever manipulation of the Haas VF-16 being a Customer Chassis, for which I simply detest! As seriously FIA, does Yuhs wanna become another Chump; Err Champ Car or IndyCar spec-series?

Although Gunther Steiner and Mr. Haas followed the current letter of the law "Wink-wink, Nudge-Nudge!" For A-L-L intensive purposes, the VF-16 is a Scuderia-Dallara hybrid, pun intended!

Having not only worked extremely close with Maranello on its chassis development along with some sneaky wind tunnel testing methodologies benefitting both the Prancing Horse and Haas before the FIA clarified it's rules. Along with bolting Ferrari's latest customer PU, nee "0611" 1.6-litre V-6 turbocharged Power Unit and ancillaries, i.e.; running gear, nee transmission to its backside, making for a very potent racecar!

Alas, is I-T fair to compare Haas's debutant Formula 1 season to thou "lowly" Manor? Or even worse yet, look at how Sauber, reputedly the fourth oldest team on the grid, and a true Bonified Constructor is still batting Goose-eggs this season, having failed to score a single Constructor point, (thru the USGP) which even the rejuvenated Manor Racing's done...

But Don't get me wrong, especially since Haas is flying the flag of my country, the good 'Ol United States of Americre', and thus I dually wish for Haas to succeed and remain upon the grid for a long time, especially since it's been three decades since the last American "Flagged" F1 Constructor contested a Grands Prix season, ironically being the late Carl Haas's (no relation) Force-Lola team  turbo effort of 1985-86.

Alas, albeit Haas Lola )Beatrice-FORCE) were on the grid wrapped in the Stars & Stripes, any astute Open Wheel Racing devotee knows that Carl Haas was Lola's, a thoroughly British chassis builder's North American importer, ruling mightily over Championship auto Racing Teams (CART) equipment purchasers...

Extremely Old "Classic Blue Oval" Ford F1 patch purchased many Moons ago. (The Tomaso Collection)
 Hence, in my much earlier Formula One euphoria, I simply turned my Attenzione towards the Blue Ovals involvement in the sport instead, specifically the Benetton team, who became "FoMoco's" (Ford Motor Company) Works entry some four years prior to a fresh faced German Wunderkind's arrival at Enstone.

As it's a travesty to Mwah that not only that Ford turned its back upon single seater motor racing on both sides of the "Puddle," i.e.; Formula 1 and IndyCar, but also sold Cosworth, leaving Haas F1 only the choice of Ferrari, Mercedes or Renault customer engine supply instead.

Hence, if the new American' owners of Formula 1, nee John "Darth Vader" Malone's Liberty Media conglomerate, with Chairman "Chevy" Chase (Carey) at the controls of the rebranded Formula One Group, with Zachery Brown rumoured to being added as marketing Guru. Then certainly Y'all need an honest-to-goodness American driver, right?

As Haas F1's current lineup is spearheaded by Frenchman Romain "These Brakes SUCK!" Grosjean and Mexicali Wingman Esteban Gutierrez with Charles Leclerc and Santino Ferrucci as it's "simulator Jockeys," nee Test/Reserve Drivers.

Last year at Circuit Of The Americas, we finally witnessed Yank' Alexander Rossi shining in the rain, finishing his career best in Formula 1 with a 14th place finish aboard the Back marker Manor-Marussia F1 chassis, with year old Ferrari PU's in his limited five races outing.

But Rossi wasn't probably ever gonna get a proper chance at Haas F1, especially since he and Gutierrez apparently aren't real friendly with each other, with Rossi having bested the Mexican in Formula BMW, while certainly Esteban brings substantial financial backing from Senor Carlos Slim, Ci?

Thus Rossi, who was ultimately aced out by Indonesia's desires for its maiden home grown driver to debut in Formula 1, giving Rio Haryanto more Dinero than Rossi could afford, leaving the Californian out in the cold once again.

But as we all know now, Alexander, with the help of the crafty Bryan "High Speed Hurdles" Herta's strategy calls gained his revenge upon the F1 circus by unexpectedly winning America's Grand Prize, the Indy 500, this May being the Magnanimous 100th running of said story event NO less.


As not sure when he'll be seeing his Mug adorning the vaunted Borg Warner trophy forever, along with receiving his Baby Borg trophy & having his face plastered upon 200,000+ Indy 500 tickets next year...

As Rossi's decided wisely I'd add, to remain in Indy Cars next year with a competitive ride, nee Andretti-Herta Autosport where he'll enjoy the opportunity of winning each weekend vs. running Tail-gunner Charlie in Formula 1...

And it's funny to Mwah how "Mikey A" continues brandishing the fact that America's last three F1 drivers all reside with Andretti Autosport, with Rossi in IndyCar, Scotty "the Goose" Speed in Global Rallycross and Michael Andretti being their boss.

Leaving us to ponder just who is this Santino Ferrucci chap with the Italian sounding name? And could he become America's next generation Formula 1 Hot Schue? With the 18yr old Woodberry, Connecticut teenager currently plying his trade in GP3 for perennial title winners DAMS, Ferrucci could be set to mimic Lance Stroll's ascension to F1 one day, perhaps?

Whilst surely Haas cannot ever realistically dream of winning a Grand Prix, or definitely a championship as a customer team...

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