Monday, February 12, 2018

INDYCAR: The Show goes On, Sorta...

As Hearing Dave First reiterate 'Ol R's, aka Robin Miller's tweet. How come there isn't ANY racing going on!

Sorry Folks, if Y'all have come here for some Hard Hittin' IndyCar spring Training recap, then you're definitely in the wrong place!

As what better way to build excitement after an excruciating 5-months season's layoff by Uhm, wait for it. NO Indy Cars On-track at PIR! Err Phoenix International Raceway; Uhm? who's this ISM Raceway? As seriously? IndyCar teams were limited to seven sets 'O Flinstone rubber for a two-day test in The Valley of The Sun; Crickets!

As once again I quickly tired 'O tuning into Avondale, AZ via Indy Cars vaunted live timing & scoring's Race Control web page. Since not only was the sound Wonky per tipicali... Can you Hear Me Now? What 'bout now? Is that Dave First? Why is Jake "the Riddler" Query whispering? And why is Katie Hargitt yelling? Are those engines firing up after another yellow flag track inspection; but I digress...

As the Youtube channel simply DUMPED! Uh, QUIT playing twice on me in an hour's span, or wasn't it trice? Since I tried watchin'; Err listening to portions of the first & second Friday practice sessions.

While lastly, as I'm still Ah-waitin', but definitely NOT holding thy breath! All I wanted for Christmas from was to make a simple, single coding tweak! To make the itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny yellow-orangish bleeding onto the screen's light green background - "to taggable" code with the word Play, i.e.; readable by my Screen Reader Lucy', but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... Oh Never Mind!

Since like I recently tried explaining, regarding another brilliant current leader 'O Formula 1; NOT All of us can afford the Bestest, Most Expensive fastest running Internetz', meaning our viewing/listening experiences are usually pretty rough at best! Not to mention, we may NOT wish to view thou Sporting world via our blinkin' Confuzer! Can Yuhs Hear Me Now Mr. Mark Miles?