Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Bratches Britches' - We Don't Need NO Stinkin' F1 Television!

Although perhaps I'm not interpreting this story correctly, which surely is to Wind Up the Masses, Eh? Nonetheless, I Shudder at the thought of Formula 1 only being accessible on Zed Internetz', since surely Thars' a Bloody App for that, Righto? BARF! Now if I could only S-E-E the F%%KING App!

And just what constitutes as Pay TV? Since isn't that what I've been doing for nearly two decades now for my severely OVERPRICED comca$t Cable TV service?

Yuhs know, the Media Conglomerate Behemoth that Cares; Crickets...

As Case-in-Point, how many hours of this past weekend's Rolex 24 did I miss due to not being able to access (Fox Sports) FS-2 Chirp-Chirp; Bueller?

And although I do listen to various racing programmes via Zed Internetz', how many times do the programmes Dump! Or I miss copious amounts 'O time trying to figure out how to access the unrecognizable NON Screen Reader Friendly Play Button; Can You Hear Me Now IndyCar!

As seriously Mr. Cavin? You cannot even send me the perfunctory (GFYS) "We Care" Dear John letter? In response to my latest inquiry sent to you at the beginning of last June regarding fixing your Indycar.com website...

Not to mention the countless hours 'O listening to continuously fluctuating volume levels between the various announcers in the booth, or when throwing it down to Pit-lane and NOT being able to Hear a word the Driver being interviewed is saying...

As I may be Old Fashioned, but I prefer simply pushing the TV remote's On button, then selecting a channel and Wallah! Instant No Fuss, No Muss programming; Viola! Which is exactly what I've done for at least a quarter of a century; Kapishe Mr. Bratches!

"I Want My MTV!"