Saturday, January 27, 2018

2018 ROLEX 24: Ready, Set, G-O!

In the lost vernacular 'O the long departed Dom of IndyCar Bloggers Pressdog, It's almost time to light this candle.! Or as he'd more succinctly bellowed..

Drink Ye' Bastards!

After madly thrashing my nucels' Bloody upon thou Keyboard A-L-L week long, Hey! that's what us IndyCar 'Vurd Bothcerers Do; Hya!

to bring Y'all my riveting, yearly Rolex 24 previews, which I do to familiarize Thyself with A-L-L of the Playahs'. As I'm now looking forward to my yearly ritual of sitting back, Uhm Down 'N listening to copious amounts of this year's Rolex 24 via Zed Internetz' IMSA.Com's round-the-clock radio coverage with Der Heindenmeir', aka John Hindhaugh at the controls.

Although not sure which website it's on, i.e.; IMSA or Radio Le Mans, or how difficult it'll be to locate, but that's another story altogether...

Especially Since I absolutely Abhor FOX's; Err Fox Sports 2 lack of availability in Seattle, still - on my ever increasingly Overpriced comca$t Cable TV service; SIGH, YOU JACKALOPES!

Meanwhile, it's most definitely Apropos that thou Cheepster', aka Chip Ganassi is this year's Grand Marshall, as his once prized Gunslinger Scotty Scooter' Pruett will retire from competition following this year's Rolex 24 after 50yrs of racing...

As Fox Sports TV coverage is set to begin today at 11AM Pacific, on the FOX Channel for the first 3hrs, with the Green Flag being waved at 11:40AM Pacific...