Thursday, January 4, 2018

Where Schuey's legend was Born...

Whale', at least track-wise, as reportedly the 'Wee lad from Hurth, West Germany, as The Wall was just eight years old when Michael Schumacher graced us with his presence, literally! Began his rise to the Promised Land of Formel Ein in a town simply named Kerpan. For which Grizzled Journo' Joe Saward regaled us recently 'bout in another of his multitudes 'O Fascinating F1 Facts, where another German motor racing legend hailed from.

Ah, can it really be 15 Blinkin' years since I made thy pilgrimage to Kerpan, thanxs solely to our wunderkin' Host, Tour Guide and Green Hella' Chauffer Vladi!

And if I wasn't feelin lazy, I'd scour Ye 'Ol Photo-book Albums, dig out the Pic' of Schuey's Benetton bolted to the wall, adorning the entrance to his Karting Centre, Scan it and add to this riveting Post!

As I can still vaguely see the Benetton Formula 1 chassis bolted vertically, nose pointing left as we climbed the stairs to thee Snack Bar for a Bratwurst 'N Bitburger whilst awaiting our tour of Der Wurld de Schuey; Ja-Ja!

Although I think my favourite picture from that visit was the one of the vacuum cleaner leaning against the wall behind the glass door's entrance!

With another funny episode revoking thou memories of the legendous Nordschleife scribbled 'bout in;