Friday, March 2, 2012

Monty’s Inferno...

So I know this is OLD news; but - have Y’all ever seen such a bizarre incident ever before? As in when Juan Pablo ‘MAC Montoya instantly spun out “N careened into a Jet-dryer truck - as it was FLAME ON; YIKES!

As the funniest part ‘bout all of this was that I’d just hung up the phone after the voice on the other end of the line had inquired: Is Juan Pablo still racing in ‘RASSCAR? As we were discussing how nobody’s names get mentioned anymore unless you’re either a Champion, i.e.; “SMOKE,” ‘JJ or Gordon; NO! NOT Robby “Dirtmann” Gordoun - thee other Gordon, uze know Pretty Boy Jeff. As I mentioned the only NON winners mentioned in the same brevity are Tuh Duh! The NEW Face of ‘RASSCAR; Danica-Danica-Danica, or Ironhead Junior; Err, ‘lil E, aka Dale Earnhart Jr.

Thus the irony was immense - sortta about as large as the ensuing Fireball that upon hanging up the telephone and returning to my dinner’s soothing soundtrack... I heard the TV Announcers go all Uh-flutter over that most amazing carnage, i.e.; ‘Monty’s Chebbie pinballing into an unexpecting Jet-dryer truck containing 200 gallons of Jet-grade kerosene; HOLY MARSHMELLOWS BATMAN!

Did somebody say Marshmallows; Err, Sprinkles? As the ensuing fireball and gushing of 200 gallons of jet fuel racing down the track’s 31-degree banked surface was indescribable... Actually having to agree with ‘Ol DW for once about it being the MOST bizarre thingy he’d ever witnessed!

And I did actually see the other oddity a zillion years ago, Y’all know when ‘Ol Super Mario, nee Mario Andretti decided to  RAM into a stationary safety truck parked alongside the wall with its lights  flashing at Detroit’s Belle Isle when I believe it was aiding none other then his son “Mikey?” As I’m told it was the 1991 event which Y’all can find upon Youtube if so desired.

Yet as we all know, the good news towards both of these incidents are that all parties involved - including a very shaken Jet-dryer truck driver, who was from Michigan International Speedway’s crew and a veteran of 24yrs were all ok...