Wednesday, March 28, 2012

IndyCar TV Schedule

Otay, this AIN’T exactly a story; BUTT! Since your humble No Fenders scribe is running several ‘Lincolns ‘N Dazes short, not even having made up my yearly Racing Calendar yet, here’s some possibly helpful info regarding when those new Aerospace CanAm machinery; Err the Dallara DW12’s BULBUOUS flanks will appear upon television.

And NO, I won’t lament over the season opening TV coverage on the Dizney Shopping Networks, nor Marty ‘Doublewide Reid or Scott Somonex Goodyear - as I still haven’t decided if I wanna tune in for an overly LONG winded 45-minute Preamble on duh Peacock Lite this Sunday. As I know I’m Old School; BUTT! The Pre-race should be a maximum of 30mins and read out loud the entire starting grid. (And that goes for you too SPEED, as I see you’ve tried duming it down the first two broadcasts this season...)