Friday, March 30, 2012

Bahrain and F1 - Black Tar is The Colour of Money

If you’re a frequent reader of this ‘lil ‘BLOB thingy, then Y’all know I am less than impressed with Formula 1’s desires to return to the Kingdom of Bahrain during its current Political climate, and thus, whilst I’m not one bit surprised, nevertheless I find it sickening that Uncle Bernaughty has enticed the F1 Teams into returning this April, not to mention now having my first beef with Master ‘Zebb (Sebastian Vettel) who’s apparently drunken some of  Mr. E’s Moonshine along with his elder Statesman - by publicly stating that he thinks F1 should race in Bahrain; Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot?

As all I can say is I sincerely hope that Uncle Bernaughty will borrow some of the cash from the $1-billion “loan” he just brokered for his CVC Bosses and dole it out upon all twelve teams as Casualty Pay - along with paying everyone’s Insurance premiums - I mean C’mon Bernie, they cannot be that expensive. After all it’s just a bunch ‘O Kids causing trouble, right?