Monday, March 26, 2012

Paar Scratches from Team Willy

So this morning, whilst trying to see if the Mainstream Media had done its usual “Shock ‘N Awe” job of reporting and then moving on before telling us the story ending... I dialed-up my local Seattle Times Fishwrap (newspaper) to see if there was any further news upon the outcome of MLS Houston Dynamo’s Colin Clark disparaging Gay slur towards a Seattle Sounders FC Ball boy who didn’t retrieve the out of bounds ball quickly enough; Crikeys Mate - I hope Major League Soccer throws the book at you!

And although there appeared to be no follow-up upon the matter, hence instead first thingy this morning I discovered the surprising news that Team Willy, aka Williams F1 CEO Adam Paar had resigned for Family reasons, yeah that’s the ticket - although unlike many Formula 1 Chief Designers, I’m not expecting Adam to show  up on the F1 Greens anytime soon after what is affectionately known as Gardening leave...