Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shame On You ALMS: Bring back the races to Celestial TV!

So a year ago I tried scriblin’ a can ‘O Whoop Arse on American Le Mans Series (ALMS) PATHETIC sucking up to thee Disney Networks and effectively NEUTERING the once live Flag-to-flag BRILLIANT SPEED coverage of the Sebring 12-hours Sports Car race.

And remember ALL of the Fanfare over how ‘Mega this year’s 50th running of the Rolex 24 was? Whale gee Wally, guess what? It’ll be Sebring’s 60th Anniversary, while the grand Mademoiselle; Err whatever they’re calling those sheik young things in Gay Paree these days? Le Circuit de la Sarthe will host its 80th running of the 24 Heurs du Mans this June; but I digress...

Why all of the fuss? Well guess what Buckaroo’s - you AIN’T gonna be watching ANY live coverage of this year’s Sebring race on television - as guess what ALMS? I DON’T WANNA TRY WATCHING IT ON SOME IDDY BITTY SMARTFONE!!!

Nor do I want to try attempting to logon to espn393 or whatever it’s called! I just wanna be able to turn on the blinkin’ Telescreen and viola; Err Shuhzamm! There IT is... As I useda to be a ‘Mega Fan of ALMS - still prefer it over Grand AM; BUTT! I’ve thrown in the  towel upon this series, as at least C’mon - let SPEED air the World Endurance Championship (WEC)rounds, which don’t get me started on that; as they’re running two split championships this weekend with NO qualifying in order to accommodate the 64 entries divided between the WEC & ALMS; Oh Never Mind!