Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Gooday Mates! Whale out here on thee Left Coast it’s almost that most cherished time of thee year; NO! Not when Uncle Sam comes ahKnockin’ upon your door, as that’s not ‘til April 15th; Hya! No, out here on the left Coast we stand upon the preface of the Pinnacle of Motorsports kickin’ off late this evening from Down Under in Melbourne Mates! As Crikeys, turn up the volume indeed! I know I will - hopefully disturbing the Drunken Bowfines residing above me; but I digress...

Although I found this past yarn quite amusing, nevertheless we won’t have the irrepressible Sir maXXum schlepping drinks for Uncle Bernaughty on this year’s Qantas flight!

The 2012 Formula 1 season kicks off tonight late evening Pacific or Friday AM Eastern on SPEED with Bob, ‘Hobbo & Professor Matchett calling the practice from their booth in Charlotte - with Willy Buxom, nee Will Buxton roving the Pitlane from Melbourne and potentially on Sheila watch too, eh? So check your local listings and set ‘Dem DVR’s...

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