Friday, March 30, 2012

Houston returns to IndyCar fold...

Interestingly, whilst Formula 1 seeks the riches of Black Tar gold in the sands of Bahrain and elsewhere... Randy Bernard and IndyCar have managed to broker a deal with Royal Dutch Shell which sees Shell and Pennzoil as the primary sponsors of the Houston Grand Prix, which will return to the bumpy confines of Reliant Stadium’s parking lot beginning in October, 2013; Hmm? Now all we need is to entice Budweiser and G.I. Joes into sponsoring a return to Portland, right?

OOPS! That’s right Budweiser is out of racing ‘cept for  ‘RASSCAR and Joes pulled the G.I. off of its name and I haven’t heard Jay “BuzzCut” Buhner pitching any stores in quite awhile... So perhaps The Captain can put in a call to his good friends who own Freightliner, who also once sponsored the race - as I believe Mercedes Benz parent company Daimler AG still owns Freightliner; as Ilmor previously built Indy Car and Formula 1 engines for Mercedes before they bought out this portion of the company...

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