Friday, March 23, 2012

Dallara DW12: Curb-feelers Optional!

So thanxs to thee world’s oldest IndyCar blogger; Hya! I finally got to seem some live action shots of the new Dallara DW12 IndyCar, which I still say is UGLY! Yet, that said, it wasn’t as hideous as I’d mentally made it in my mind, yet don’t think I’m sayin’ it’s a sweet ride either...

And hence, these initial thoughts hit me when purusing thru the photos George Phillips posted.

I think all of the ‘Chebbie drivers should be required to run with curb feelers; may be a set of nice shiny chrome ‘bling-bling wheels and all of their respective drivers sporting gold chains... Hey, this isn’t your Daddy’s Oldsmobile - and Oh Yeah! They’ll also be required to leave one turn signal blinker on the entire duration of the race - you know like several “Hipsters” do whilst toolin’ along in their ‘Caddy’s. And perhaps Marco, ‘HULIO & ‘Bully-Reay could go for the Mr. T gold chain look too?

The Honda’s? Well not really sure but may be they should all haveda run those hideous Dumbo wings that their F1 brethren made famous...

While instead of the entire Loti fleet running in black ‘N gold, minus that Glow in the Dark Benjamin scheme - perhaps Juan of ‘Dem could run a Munster’s theme? Or perhaps in order to honour the late Dan Wheldon, that bulbous flank could have  been used to feature his shiny teeth, although I’m not sure if a gleaming white crest toothpaste car would look that attractive?