Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mayans visit No Fenders

The Infamous “NeckCar” Hill...
So I know this is supposed to be a racing ‘BLOB primarily dedicated to Open Wheel Racing; BUTT! I simply must get this off my chest, as a number of disheartening factions have simultaneously converged upon thee Award Winning No Fenders website.

On the morning of President’s Day, - the blog platform I publish these riveting stories upon inexplicably QUIT working - with ZERO warning; SHEISA! As isn’t it exhilarating when a service you utilize daily simply QUITS working because the gOOgleMunster BASTARDOS have decided to QUIT supporting your current, albeit outdated browser; WTF? I mean couldn’t Google or Blogger have at least given Mwah some type of verbal warning, or is that simply expecting too much? As I thought that it was just supposed to be the cherry tree that ‘Ol Georgie chopped down, right?

I had continued utilizing microSOFT’s Internetz Exploder 7 browser since it was the only one compatible with “Lucy” my esteemed Screen-reader, as after all, if you’re not aware of thee fact, your humble No Fenders scribe is visually impaired and henceforth, relies upon this marvel of modern technology in order to participate as a “Keyboard Warrior” upon le Blogosphere - of which I’ve previously scribbled ‘bout in;

The reason I had stuck with IE7 was for the simple fact that “Lucy” who came upon my ZoomText 9.0 software wasn’t compatible with the newer IE8 (Internetz Exploder) which required a $215 upgrade - which I chose to try first vs. purchasing a new Confuzer, since I’d need to upgrade to ZoomText 10.0 (ZT10) no matter what!

And instead of trying to scribble the whole frustrating process here instead, as the new & improved ZT10 leaves a whole lot to desire, I’ll just leave Y’all with these tantalizing tidbits from the very nice “Tekie” who made “Lucy” work after I’d tried installing her twice; URGH! As these installations had actually made "Lucy" SPAZDIK on ze Internetz.

 F%%K! As I'm starting' to think she's become Juan 'O Jerry's Kids with the way she jerks left uncontrollably, stutters, starts ‘N stops, doesn’t read ALL text and randomly jumps to wherever she wishes when trying to back up, NOT to mention freezing hourly - especially when trying to read either WICKEDpedia or Gmail; YIKES! And that’s after she was fixed; Oh Never Mind! 

'Tink I can already hear U now sayin' just get a new Confuzer; BUTT! The ZoomText Tekie told me I'm gonna HATE microSOFT ‘dub-U (Windows) 7! Sez it’s ALL ‘ByteHeadz Fluff & is an extreme Cluge! Which I believe is the PC equivalent of Charlie Foxtrot; Err, can U say CLUSTER FUCK!

Told me that ALL of the programs are WORSE! And DON'T even get me started upon le gOOgleMunster SHITHEADS! As I'm thinking I'll write a letter to the National Foundation for the Blind (NFB) 'bout icon based systems.

As you see, (Pun intended) your humble scribe has RP - a hereditary deficiency that according to the Foundation Fighting Blindness (FFB) affects 1 in 4,000 people, or a staggeringly low 0.00025% of Americans. As according to the latest Census figures from July, 2011; the current U.S. population is 311,591,917 people, although I’ve seen the figure of 100,000 Americans being effected by this vision disorder - yet I’m not gonna try multiplying 0. 00025 X 7-billion today; Aye Karumba!

Yet the whole point of this RANT is that I find Google becoming overly Discriminatory towards blind & visually impaired people, as I’ve scribbled above - the latest version of Gmail - which I utilize for this blog has gone to an agonizingly ANNOYING set of ALL icons, i.e.; symbols for its Dashboard header, i.e.; where the words Back to Inbox; Archive; Report to Spam; Delete, etc once were - which imagine how HARD its for somebody who doesn’t see real well and has to click upon these tiny icons, eh? And that’s even before we get to the colours problem, as I can now barely see the box outline I’m supposed to check which is             way                              over                 to                         the                   left-side                       o the email I’m trying to work with; SHEISA!

As this doesn’t even take into consideration that I’m currently shunning upgrading to le gOOgleMunster’s new & improved Blogger Dashboard which I’ve tried and A) CANNOT see ANYThING upon the Dashboard since the whole colour pallet is almost identical! B) Is graphically driven a la Google Analytics - which I’ll state once again; if you’re visually impaired - chances are you CANNOT read a FREAKIN’ graph!

And just think of the 40-million Baby Boomers who’ll be affected by diminishing eyesight in the coming future, not to mention Macular Degeneration, etc.

Yet, if you’re still with me? May be you’re wunderin’ why don’t I just switch over to Wordpress instead? Whale Shaggy, it’s got the same HORRENDOUS colour issues that the new blogger platform has - as NOT everybody can see those less harsh, albeit noxious  colours you programmers seem to enjoy utilizing!

And speakin ‘O programmers; WTF? QUIT making my confuzer smarter then me, I mean when I type in Jonah Street’s name into my blog post QUIT F%%KING changing it into some “Smart Tag” as Jonah-Street is a Motorcycle rider & person and NOT a FRIGGINstreet Yuhs hear!

And now comes word that the new microSOFT  ‘dub-U 8 system is wishing to go to an ALL tiles based array of visual icons; OH CRAP! What is WRONG with you people? As NOT everybody can easily read small ‘N wacky visual icons - which I find to be overly INSULTING and DISCRIMANTORY towards us visually impaired people - of which Google is the WORST! As I sincerely look forward to the day that somebody CRUSHES them.

Having now been forced thru four iterations of my Blogging Platform with a fifth NEBULOUS change upon thee Horizon - unfortunately, I fear I can already see my time as a blogger coming to an end; as obviously wouldn’t you bee PISSED OFF if you’d devoted nearly six-years of your life to something and then simply had it taken away by some squad of Geeknoids? And don’t worry folks, there’s MORE; SHEISA!

Like notice Mr. CandyMann how I didn’t even mention how FUCKED UP the IMS website is now, see - wasn’t ‘Dat positive?

Sorry Y’all, just EXTREMELY frustrated over my continuously losing in the Tech Rat Race...