Sunday, April 1, 2012

KV Racing to run Fourth chassis at Indy...

As Y’all may have noticed, KV Racing Technology’s “Third wheel,” nee EJ “What, Me Worry?” Viso is running this year’s Indy Car Series season with the primary sponsorship of CITGO, which is part of the Venezuelan country’s Oil portfolio.

Yet, what was previously unknown publicly ‘bout the dealio - is the fact that in CITGO’s return to the Open Wheel Racing ranks, it wishes to run a Venezuelan “Super Team” at the Speedway this month of May... Whale Otay, EJ Viso is hardly the sort of person you’d think of when hearing the word Super Team, right? And you’re probably saying get to the point, who’s this mysterious fourth driver gonna be?

Whale, on the heels of sources who’ve spoken on the condition of animosity - due to the deal having not been officaly announced; this Venezuelan Tag Team will feature EJ Viso and his original sponsor counterpart... Yep, that’s right, you guessed I-T! The one, the only Wanderin’ Milka; Err Milkalicious, aka Milka Duno...

As Milka says, if Pippa Mann and ‘BIA can attempt running “One-off” races at Indianapolis, then so can I, and I even think I can qualify faster then Simona de Silvestro and Katherine Legge, as after all the Chevrolet showed its dominance at St Pete last weekend by claiming four of the top-5 finishing positions.

Duno continued by saying “HELL! I should even be able to outqualify that Brazilian ex-F1 driver on our squad everybody’s so smitten over - after all, he’ll be a rookie at Indy where I’ve qualified many times before...”

No word on what number the fourth member of KVRT will sport at the Brickyard, although I believe the No. 00 is still available, which would tie-in nicely with Duno’s leftover hand towels, Uze know the ‘Juans she used to slap Danica with...

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  1. Tomaso, that was a prety entertaining race, eh!... I think the cars are starting to grow on me a little....kinda look like "Batmobiles" runnin' out there through those beautiful rolling Alabama hills...that looks like a track I'd like to visit sometime.
    Are you planning on going to Austin, in November? I really hope that deal works out - 'sure would be nice to visit that race in the next few years!
    I guess we'll see what happens, eh!
    Ciao, RedHotChilliPepper