Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bahraini Kingdom sweeps Nations divide underneath rug as F1 Sells Out - Again...

For those of Y’all who read my ‘lil ‘BLOB thingy frequently... Then you’ll know that I’ve been highly opposed towards Formula 1’s return to the Kingdom of Bahrain this year - and have vowed to not give the race any coverage in any way as I think it’s a pitiful excuse by Uncle Bernaughty - wishing to simply line his pockets whilst letting the Monarchy’s ruler use the event as a thinly guised veil for bringing Democracy to their theifdom! As surely Mr. Ecclestone will be front ‘N center at the event; I mean after all Bernard, its just 10-or-15 young lads tossing firecrackers about, right?

As why does an ominous cloud form above Mwah - making me flashback to another of life’s ironies, as I attended my debutant Grand Prix in The Valley of the Sun; the Iceberg Grand Prix on June 4, 1989, While halfway around the world a different race of sorts was occurring... Although nobody seems to wish to talk about it, as the ironies trice - since the GROTESQUE MASSACRE of civilians was occurring in China’s Tiananmen Square... You know where Marshal Law was enacted over the city of Beijing as countless soldiers repeatedly opened fire upon hundreds of civilians which ended in an obscene number of KILLINGS! (The irony being my scribbling this upon the Chinese Grand Prix weekend taking place in Shanghai...)

Thus, perhaps it was some sort of karma? Without having planned I-T! I’m magically away in The Valley of the Sun partaking in some fun-in-duh Sun; Crikeys Mates - its HOT here!

As I understand the basic guise of Capitalism and the need to squeeze out every red cent from willing victims; Err Nations wishing to host a Grand Prix; NOT to mention wallpapering over a countries problems publicly - in hopes of FOOLING the Camera Eye that ALL is well, there’s nothing to see here, so go about your business... As business is very very good indeed, Sir!

BUTT! This is simply the first time ever that I can recall purposely REFUSING to watch or attend a Formula 1 event since I began my F1 odyssey 26 years ago!

And although I’ve missed a few over the years due to being on Holiday; most notably the 1994 San Marino GP when I was in Los Wages instead - attending the final installment of POCA’s (Pantera Owners Club of America) ‘Mega event on the (Old) Strip, nee Freemont St and the 2005 USGP whilst watching ‘Shorty (Cristiano da Matta) win his final Open Wheel Racing victory at Portland Int’l Raceway...

Nevertheless, whilst I’ll be sucking in ‘Somme fine petrol fumes, not to mention hot metals, warm fluids and burnt rubber in Avondale, I will NOT be watching the F1 circus this weekend!

As really Mr. Ecclestone, how much is it worth financially to you for the single life of anyone participating in your F1 Circus show - as how much will you pay for the possibility of some ‘lowly Hispania or Marussia’s mechanics death? Or that of some devoted journalist, reporter or photographer covering the event in order to ultimately line your wallet, not to mention the life’s of Bahrain citizens...