Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tucker Brothers in trouble with The Law

Stumbled upon this in a newspaper I usually don’t read these days - due to its demise to a shell of its former self with its Internetz only version now... Thus I was surprised to read the headline: FTC investigation targets racecar driver; Hmm? Hey I know that name, as Scott Tucker is the driver in question, along with his brother... As apparently the Tucker’s Payday Loans company which has over 7,000 complaints filed against it, has allegedly ciphered some $40-million into its Level 5 Motorsports race team the old fashioned way, as in coercion - forcing unsuspecting customers to pay back triple their loan amounts... Hey, isn’t that the company I useda see ‘Ol what’s his name; Err, was it Arsenio Hall pimping for them recently? As I haven’t seen the commercial lately...

Level 5 Motorsports currently competes in the ALMS LMP2 category and perhaps the WEC - reportedly racing a Honda ARX-01G chassis...

FTC targets alleged payday scam, race car driver

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