Friday, April 20, 2012

No Fenders on Formula 1 TV Strike...

Although in years past I’ve sat up until the ‘Wee hours of the morning watching a rain delayed Korean Grand Prix amongst others from the Valley of the Sun whilst on Holiday - yet I will do NO such thing this weekend, in regards to the GLASTMACY of the Kingdom’s rulers & Uncle Bernaughty’s unscrupulous desires to ram thru the Bahrain GP - in hopes of pulling the proverbial wool over us whilst bringing Democracy to Bahrain; NYET!

As I firmly believe that Abdulhadi al-Khawaja’s recent transfer to a military hospital was done solely to feed him intravenously in order to keep him alive until after the glorious Grand Prix show has concluded, as I’ve never heard of Mr. Ecclestone’s picture being burned publicly to denounce the grotesqueness of Formula 1 - primarily its leader. Nor have I ever read before a picture caption that said F1 - racing on the blood of Martyrs... Hence, I’ll leave you with this most concise editorial to ponder the fait of hosting an F1 race in a country under political quagmire; NOT to mention the countless civilian DEATHS!

Bahrain Grand Prix: Formula One demeans itself with this event