Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Woody’s returning to Le Mans

It’s funny to think I learned this ‘lil tidbit via thee Mole - who I think I actually know who he is; BUTT! Y’all know that indelible saying: If Ayes Tells Yuhs, I’ll Haveda KILL Yuhs, right?

Yet, what better way to KILL two Birds with ‘Juan stone; Whale, actually its three birdies now - or perhaps more likely bogeys; can you say FOUR Tiger! Err, cobble three somewhat intertwined stories into one, with the news that that semi iconic marque, i.e.; Morgan - thee maker of those legendary three wheeler “Woody’s” is returning to Le Mans 50yrs after its last class victory.

As the English concern will return to le Circuit de la Sarthe this June with Oak-Pescarolo LMP2 based chassis propelled by Judd engines which will be called Morgan’s.

As its funny how I’ve never been a fan of Morgan’s - I suppose mostly because of my distaste towards those Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang wooden lookin’ antiquated three-wheelers... Yet I found the following obituary, albeit a ‘Wee bit old now, in regards to the late Chris Lawrence - who I’d never heard of before; ironically the father of that Morgan +4 that won its lemans class a half century ago along with spearheading Morgan’s latest Lemans adventures to be most interesting, as I’d also never heard of the Aero-8 project...

All of which tied in nicely with The Mole’s smattering of news leaking Morgan’s return to le Sarthe nicely... and the ‘Co-inky-dences continued on when forlorned IndyCar team owner Eric Bachelart announced not only his switch to the American Le Mans Series this year, but also that he’d be the official North American Oak- Pescarolo importer.

Yet the Conquest Racing Endurance press release recently sent to the No Fenders mailbox - a Q+A session with Messer Bachelart noted how they’d barely had any time to prepare the car for Sebring upon its only arriving days prior... Although the Morgan teams did manage a shock Pole position for their World Endurance Championship class, along with a spot upon their respective podium.

And now comes word that Bachelart will provide assistance to Andretti Autosports fifth-wheel; Err fifth team entry for this year’s Indianapolis 500 with ‘BIA, aka Ana Beatriz behind the wheel. Hmm? Could this be a step towards Bachelart realigning himself with Chevrolet in the future for Martin ‘Plowie Plowman, a la  Ryan Briscoe & Simon Pagenaud’s Sports Cars sojourns pre-Indy Car? Or is it just another way of Bachelart keeping his crew together until more Lotus ‘lumps are produced; after all the Morgan’s are running Judd’s - the very same producer of the lamented Loti IndyCar ‘lumps...