Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Danica AIN’T NO First Lady of ‘RASSCAR!

For some strange reason, I decided to watch the February 20th edition of Speedcentre and was immediately bowled over when I heard Adam Alexander boldly proclaim that Danica Patrick was the FIRST Lady of ‘RASSCCAR; WTF? You’re FREAKIN’ kidding right Adam? I mean C’mon, this ceaseless frothing over Queen DannaWho has really gotta STOP!

As Yo Adam - Newsflash! For the record, Danicker is NOT 'RASSCAR's First Lady... As that honour belongs to none other then Janet Guthrie - who was not only the FIRST female driver to contest the Indy 500; BUTT! Ditto for NASCAR! Becoming the first woman to contest a Superspeedway event in 1976, along with being the FIRST Femme Fatale to compete in the DayToner 500 where she finished 12th in 1977 after losing two cylinders in her engine with 10-laps remaining...

While I'm not certain 'bout Lyn St James, the first female Rookie Of the Year at the Speedway in 1992, albeit I seem to recall seeing her in a Ford Thunderbird racecar 'Summe-wearz, right? Perhaps what she used to set a closed course speed record in? Or just publicity shot with Awesome Bill (Elliott) from Dawsonville? Although I do know that St James done ‘Somme-thun Princess Perma-pout HASN’T! Can you say le 24 Heurs du Mans? Which St James contested twice in 1989 & 1991. Along with WINNING the Rolex 24 twice and Sebring once whilst kicking the Big Boyz tails in those Narly Roush Mustangs... 

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