Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thee Fluffy, Happy, Poufy Time of Year!

Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias
And that’s before we even get to Mr. CandyMann’s Rah-Rah Cisk-cuh-boom EVERYTHINGS GURR-REAT!!! In Indy Cars speech; Hoohah!

As the other day I had a great chuckle reading Grizzled ‘Journo Joe Saward’s story about this being the FLUFFY time ‘O year in F1, albeit the word Fluffy makes me immediately think of the very funny comedian Gabriel Iglesias who coined the phrase “I’m NOT Fat, I’m Fluffy!” As Gabriel shouldn’t be Cornfuzed with ‘HULIO; NO, NOT that ‘HULIO as in “Castro-nervous,” but that great singer Julio José Iglesias; Hya!

But back to the Grand Prix rant, as in this fluffy speak is in regards of you know when ALL of the Formula 1 Constructors release the balloons with great lors ‘O pontification about how this could be the year they GO ALL THE WAY... But the funny thing is - there are twelve teams all blowing Hot Air as currently there’s really only three Constructors who have a realistic shot at the title; which I’d decree is Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari... And henceforth, as Joe sez; DON’T get too excited over the times posted during the mini-winter Olympics, nee Winter Testing.

And speaking ‘O Fluffy, whilst I know that thee Rhythm Professor, aka Neil Peart has stated that ‘KanaDuh only has two seasons; winter and road construction; Hya! Cymbol crash; Err Drum solo please Mr. Peart!

Thus I was genuinely surprised on my recent ‘Walkabout to go buy some overpriced ink cartridge for ze printer; hey, don’t they always run out when Yooze needs to print ‘Somme-thun important, eh?

And thus, I was taken off guard when the sidewalk suddenly seemed to disappear; WTF? As I swear there had been a bevy ‘O telephone poles freshly installed in the middle of what once was the sidewalk... As I bumbled my way along thru the restricted space with my trusty ‘Ol white cane at a reduced rate ‘O speed to the far away store and then made the return trip only to run into a section of sidewalk obnoxiously covered with a multitude ‘O orange traffic cones with fresh ‘Ash-fault being laid, before a construction worker took pity upon me after I started to walk towards the fresh tar since I had NO idea if the cones meant the sidewalk was closed? Before I mused to the Bank teller I thought road construction wasn’t supposed to begin until summer?

As its funny how I used to look exceedingly forward to this time of year, when all of the ne Formula 1 cars were unveiled, yet I really cannot say I’m overly excited - as I seemingly tire faster of everybody’s PR-Speak these days, although I guess I’ve still got ‘Formel-ein-itus coursing thru my veins as I still rush to attempt seeing what the new cars look like online, whilst its very early Dazes indeed, yet nice to see thee ‘Kimster’s name atop the time sheets...