Thursday, February 2, 2012

F1: 2012 Winter ‘Olympics set to Begin

McLaren MP4/27 under wraps at Woking; source: 
It seems somewhat disturbing that the only place I could actually find the 2012 Formula 1 Winter Testing dates & places was from the Hindustan Times of India... As why is F1 making it harder ‘N harder to get info for those of us who despise TWIT-ER ‘N Facebook, eh? But I digress...

As this year, there will only be three Pre-season winter tests vs. the traditional four, with the fourth test session being moved to an In-season test in hopes to make up for the abysmal lack of testing allowed currently - although I have NO idea when that date will be either... And that’s before I even begin ‘Wingeing on ‘bout how difficult I’m finding it to sluice out all of the F1 Constructors Car Launches - which is starting to feel like trying to pull teeth; aye Karumba! While my favourite quip was ‘Somme-thun ‘bout getting an UGLY STICK out for the 2012 F1 cars...

First test
Date: February 7-10
Venue: Circuito de Jerez; 13-turn, 4.428km

Second test
Date: February 21-24
Venue: Circuit de Catalunya; 16-turn, 4.655km

Third test
Date: March 1-4
Venue: Circuit de Catalunya