Friday, February 10, 2012


So, if the Weathermen were correct... Cymbal crash please! As what’s that saying ‘bout the Weather-people being correct 50% of the time, eh? Thus, on Wednesday, there were early predictions of rain turning to SNOW forecasted for Sunday, which then was pushed forward to Saturday afternoon instead - when those upstart San Francisco 49ers were en route to defeating the Nawlin’s Saints Pre-Souper Dooper bowl XL VI...

Which if Y’all aren’t familiar with, when it snows in Seattle, we become not only Sleepless; BUTT! Totally unable to drive in the white stuff, i.e.; SNOW; as our city comes to a virtual standstill; CRIKEYS! As after all, how can you expect Ye Mayor “McSchwinn” to ride his bicycle in the snow, right?

And although the buses are theoretically safer due to their metal canopies; they certainly DON’T slide nearly as well as sleds or toboggans! As I inadvertently titled my riveting weather story Snow-Muh-Getton; Hya!

Thus, what better way for me to craftily weave my long neglected Swedish Speed Merchants stories into my ‘lil “BLOB” thingy - according to the great ‘Aunty Harriet, eh?

Since while being “Snowed IN” for ‘Juan-week, I flashed back to my most amusing adventure of going to Sweden for the very first time, when some ‘lil Volcano activity made life exhilarating for thousands of Air travelers! And since it was even cold when I went there in May, therefore this just re-enforced my typical thoughts towards Sweden; as in gobs ‘O white stuff, i.e.; snow, snow and more snow: Ya Sure Yuh Betcha!

Not to mention “Proper” World Rally Cars pinballin’ therez ways off of endless Snow banks while induced in ‘Mega four wheel drifts... Of which I’ll be most interested to read about how Nasser Al-Attiyah does this weekend in the Swedish Rally, his debutant WRC outing - which seems pretty amusing since I DON’T think they ever get SNOW in Qatar, eh?

So there’s the set-up; Err wind-up and here’s duh pitch... Or is that Snowball, eh? As let it SNOW in Sweden - but NOT in Seattle; Hya! As I’d better go play in the snow before it melts; since Seattle just recorded its WARMEST day of the year with an unseasonably balmy 58deg-f on Feb 4th; Oh-Oh, I’M MELTING...

This riveting story about Seattle’s Snow Blindness was obviously scribbled before your humble No Fenders scribe read about the sub ZERO Arctic weather currently causing havoc, death & mayhem in Russia and Europe...