Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sarah Fisher Engine Squeeze Job NOT A Positive sign for IndyCar

POW! SHUZZAM! BIFF! As I’m trying to refrain from throwin’ down any Kurt GFYS! Busch F-Bomb laden tirades over what’s fast becoming the SORRIEST news of the yet as begun 2012 Indy Car Series season; as seriously GM? You’ve just announced a record $7.6 BILLION profit, cancelled ALL Workers Pension’s and yet cannot come up with the ability to provide one more lone V-6 engine for Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing - WTF?

Thus imagine my laughing-out-loud upon reading Open Wheel Racing Curmudgeon Robin Miller’s latest rant, where ‘R rightly states:

“Can you imagine Chevy or Ford telling NASCAR that they appreciate the fact Ricky Stenhouse was the Nationwide champion but they won’t be able to give him a Cup engine until Bristol?”

“We all understand it’s a new engine, it’s got teething problems, it’s expensive, it takes something like 14 weeks to make a crankshaft and the manufacturers are losing money.

But this is supposed to be the top level of open wheel racing in North America. This isn’t Saturday night claimers at The Speedrome, this is serious money and serious business.

To think Sarah Fisher has a car but can’t get an engine for it isn’t just unacceptable – it’s friggin’ embarrassing.”

As I especially liked ‘R’s pun ‘bout the new multi-million dollar facility being built in Speedway, Indiana being as good as being located in Bahrain; YOUCH! Sic ‘em Robin! As why is this team being treated like the Rodney Dangerfield of Indy Cars?

Thus, I’m gonna have a really HARD time even remotely rootin’ for ‘Chebbie this season, as part of me wants to see SFHR not running Chevrolet now, albeit I DON’T want to see Sarah, Andy, “Wink” and Newgarden sitting on the sidelines...

As for Mr. CandyMann (Randy Bernard) going to bat for Sarah - I think he’d better try a little bit HARDER! As I’d like to ASS-sume he realizes there’s further implications for the series besides the TRAVESTY of Fisher & Co being denied an engine until Indy: Can you say R.O.Y.? (Rookie Of the Year) As it’ll be downright EMBARASSING if Joseph Newgarden doesn’t get a fair shot to compete for this honour vs. “Symone Pagenoe” (Simon Pagenaud( and Thy Leggy ‘Juan. (Katherine Legge)

As I DON’T know who dropped the ball on this ‘Juan, but really IndyCar? You’re gonna let Sarah Fisher & Joseph Newgarden be punished for your oversights; Hmm? Next thingy you’ll know, SFHR will be denied a top-flight AFX Body-by-Mennen Aerokit, eh?

And that’s before we even get to hear Meesh’s take upon the perceived UNFAIR bias being shown towards the female equation of the sport, I mean first NO ‘LyndieCar and now this? YIKES!

MILLER: Outrage for Sarah