Monday, February 20, 2012

INDYCAR: Why does SFHR still NOT have an Engine?


As ‘Juan ‘O my countless stories under construction was to scribble my rendition of the Sarah Fisher story. You know the little team that could!

Thus instead of re-hashing what’s already been sniffed out by Pressdog, I’ll just leave you, me & Randy Bernard ponderin’ thee $64k question: Why DOESN”T Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing have a FREAKIN’ Engine signed, sealed ‘N delivered???

I mean really Chevrolet? You’re gonna supply FAST EDDIE but leave Sarah Fisher, arguably the antithesis ‘O red, white ‘N blue; baseball, wieners, IndyCar & Apple pie... With its American driver high ‘N dry on the sidelines... ro-ro, I see that the Mr. CandyMann negativity meter is startin’ to peg in the red here!