Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Knaus caught Cheating - again; Stewart ‘Smokes ‘em; now all we need is a DannaCar update, right?

So I could only chuckle to myself over the announcement of Chad Knaus and Jimmie “Vanilla” Johnson being caught CHEATING for this year’s upcoming DayToner 500, when Tech Inspectors discovered that the No. 48’s C-post pillars didn’t quite conform to current COT regulations, having sent the offending sheet metal back to its R&D labs in Charlotte for further examination while letting the Hendrick team repair their chassis prior to this weekend’s upcoming Daytona.

Meanwhile apparently Tony “Smoke” Stewart decided racin’ really is rubbin’ when he decided to give Kurt “GFYS!” Busch a ‘LUV-tap and sent the elder Busch’s No. 51 spinning into the wall and causing a six-car pile-up during practice; with both Busch’s, i.e.; Kurt & Kyle, both Penske’s of Brad Keselowski and A.J. Allmendinger and Jeff “PrettyBoy” Gordon along with Stewart being involved, with Gordon’s car the only ‘Juan not incurring major damage, as the others will most likely be forced into backup’s for the Bud Shootout...

Now all we need is for an update on Queen DannaCar, as I’ve read that Princess Perma-pout cannot even find solitude in the bathroom, as some frenzied onlooker stalked her into the ladies room and patiently waited for her Highness to extricate herself from the commode before garnering her John Hancock...

And has anyone seen Mikey “Aw Shucks” Waltrip? As I think we needz Somme ‘Juan to hawk us some Ageless Male Sugar-pills, right? Oh Never Mind!

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