Monday, February 6, 2012

Father Time?

And with thee tolling of the Belle’s - having rung in another New Year, alas awhile ago, eh? I decided to try putting pen to paper; Err, fingers to keyboard to scribble my thoughts ‘bout this year’s Senior’s class on the Formula 1 circuit.

And who am I to be so contrite as trying to tell a Gran Primo Piloto when to Exit Stage Left; BUTT! For some strange reasons - I’m really hoping that JarNo will go quietly into the wilderness this winter and make way for Vitaly ‘VO5 Petrov instead...

Begrudgingly, I’ll attempt not blatherin’ on this year ‘bout Herr Schumacher’s demise, as Good for You Michael for actually managing to stick out your three-year Farewell Tour with Mercedes, Norbert (Haag) and your dear friend Ross Brawn... After all, Messer “SkewMocher” will continue leading the “AARP Brigade” as the F1 Circuses elder statesman at the tender age of 43-years young - having celebrated this anniversary one day after Robby Gordon’s 43rd birthday; Hya!

Pedro de la Rosa will attempt turning thee clock back upon his stillborn F1 career by returning to the grid with Hispania, along with turning 41 on February 24th. I just hope for Pedro’s sake he’s getting a B-I-G FAT cheque for signing to drive the recalcitrant HRT F1 chassis at the back of the grid, as potentially he’ll be taking up the Tail-gunner Charlie position now that the “Speediest Indian” has been confirmed as his teammate...

And ‘Rubino will become the BIG 4-Oh on May 30th, although now that the Formula 1 grids been filled, he’ll need to look elsewhere to continue his racing career.

And I’m not sure why I’m so Hell Bent on leather to see the ‘Scrumptious ‘Juan, aka Jarno Truli, who’s currently 37 and will celebrate his 38th birthday on July 13 leave F1; BUTT! I’ve just groan tired of his constant ‘Wingeing on last year about the woes of the Team Lotus mount he was driving. C’mon Jarno, it’s a FREAKIN’ Loti with NO KERS... Hence, I guess you could say that I feel that Trulli’s time in the spotlight has passed, eh?

And coming in number five on the Elder’s list is Mark ‘Handlebarz Webber, who’ll turn 35 on August 27th. As Webber’s surely feeling the HEAT from Red Bull’s ‘lil Seester Toro Rosso’s Young Guns Daniel Ricciardo and rookie Jean-Eric Vergne, eh? Although the youngsters will need to perform themselves in order to not get the Junior Driver Academy Jettison experience. Then again if he continues breaking limbs, Helmet Marco may be willing to toss him out with the (STR) bath water, eh?