Friday, February 3, 2012

Indy Raptured in Superbowl Fever...

Here’s a few pics (below) from ‘Offical No Fenders Photographer ‘CARPETS chronicling some of the Pre-Superbowl Hypefest... As Indy’s main drag (Meridian) was renamed after the Seattle Seahawks! This was done reputedly in honour of Seattle’s NFL Franchise having a BETTER record then the Hometown Colts; Hya!

While I’d really haveda enjoyed being on the main drag near thee (Monument) Circle; Hangin’ around checking out all 33 of those Sharp Lookin’ DAllara’s... Although Curt Cavin alluded to there being some even older G-Force chassis in the mix of Supercarz, as I’m guessing their all devoid of their Fire breathin’ Honda lumps...

And apparently the high fuhlootin’ JW Marriot in Downtown Indianapolis is the buzz of the town with it’s ‘Mondo Vince Lombardi trophy flanking the buildings side, as there’s been NO word on whether or not Indy will hire King Kong to take the trophy down after the Superbowl game?

As for Mwah, the Superbowl’s already been played - with the lining up of 33 Indy Cars and hence I will NOT submit myself to this weekend’s overly LONG winded TV menagerie! Not to mention such frivolous FLUFF as the Today Show being taped live with the crowds going wild over Ann Curry’s white poufy trench coat, ‘cause it was cold... Along with Al Rope-uh-Dope Roper riding a Zip-line; SHEISA!

Hence, I’ll gorge myself upon my seven-plus hours ‘O Memorex I recorded from last weekend’s exhilarating Daytona 24hrs instead...

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