Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Show + New Car = New Teeth Mashing...

In case Y’all haven’t heard the much ballyhooed New & Improved 2012 Body-by-Mennen AFX AeroKit Dallara chassis will be unveiled upon today’s Indy Open Wheel Weekly Show at 4PM New York/Indy/ET time on Versus.

The show is hosted by who’s commonly now known as just “R,” as in Robin Miller, with ‘LyndieCar Thaxton in duh middle with Sports Guy Suit ‘N Tie Kevin Lee...

Randy Bernard & Tony Cottman will be dropping by with that vaunted Dallara Safety Cell chassis replete with its Emperor’s first set ‘O clothes; final clothing optional and objects may appear closer then in mirror!

R will possibly Ham-it-Up with The Captain, whilst Scott “I LUV THE IRL” Speed is also set to be a guest, so check it out and see if Randy reminds ScottyBoy its INDYCAR BY GUMMIT; From Now On Yuhs Hear!

So I cannot comment upon the new concept cars presented – as in really, rear bumpers? What’s next, turn signal indicator’s?

But found it somewhat typical that Scott “WHOOPEE CUSHION” Speed would comment ‘bout Dario REO Speedwagon Franchitti’s hair, to which R quipped; that’s because he can get away with it son!