Tuesday, May 24, 2011

INDYCAR: Have You Bought A Ride Lately?

So I just had to shutdown Trackside with Kevin & Cavin, who once again seem to be wide of the mark over the supposed backlash over the Ryan Hunter-Reay insertion for Bruno Junqueira deal made to solely appease Andretti Autosport’s No. 28 primary sponsors DHL & Sundrop...

And I just finished discussing the Hypocrisy of ‘Ol Super Tex belabouring the fact that he’s been payin’ outta his own pocket all month for Junqueira... Hmm? Then why did Bruno publicly admit that this was the first time he’d been offered a paying ride to show up and drive at Indy? Yeah, I get it, the driver’s probably getting a mere pittance vs. the guaranteed finishing position of 33rd, but still don’t tell me how Yuhs had to pay to enter your second car if you went out and  hired somebody who legitimately made the show... Which for Mwah, has always been what Indy and Bump Day have been about, as there’s a reason I used to call it ‘BOOMP DAY, when it was a SAD excuse for taking fans money and staging a variety Gong Show; Hmm? Wasn’t A.J. Foyt involved in a pathetic Tony Stewart last gasp Bump Day Melodrama?

Fortunately I do NOT drink soda pop, nor is Sundrop available in the Pacific Northwest, and I NEVER willingly choose to use DHL for package delivery’s – so I WON’T haveda worry ‘bout Boycotting them. (Hmm? Perhaps they’ll be buying Foyt’s AeroKit’s whenever they come up for grabs, eh?)

But, I’m just wunderin’ – wouldn’t it haveda been a lot cheaper for Jay Penske to have bought Bruno’s seat at Foyt for Scott Speed instead of having Patrick Carpentier thrown into the deep end ‘N WAD up his second racecar? But A.J.; We’ll give Yuhs ALL of the FREE Fuzzy Zellar’s Premium Vodka you can drink!

And lastly, so does this mean Chip Ganassi can buy the winning racecar in Gasoline Alley in order to win the Greatest Spectacle in Racing? As I certainly didn’t agree with Bob Kravitz upon needing to keep Princess Perma Pout, but I’d say he’s definitely 100% ON target ‘over his latest piece...