Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Räikkönen taking his Oomplats PickEmUp racing

In case Y’all haven’t heard... the KIMSTER, nee Kimi Räikkönen has apparently decided he misses his Old F1 Stompin’ pardner MAC Montoya... And thus hopes to join him shortly in the exalted world “O Taxi cabs, Err ‘RASSCAR... Most likely in 2012, perhaps?

And I haveda say I’m glad to learn that I’m not the only person who thought it was a bad April Fools joke  when I heard the news for the very first time, as none other then SPEED’s Bob Varsha had the exact same sentiments.

And I have to also say that the stories floating around the Newswires weren’t exactly complete either, as there were conflicting reports initially about who The Iceman would be driving for – with claims it would be a brand new team in conjunction with Foster Gilette, an heir of the famous Gilette gang that’s had a nasty habit of running professional sports franchises into the ground. Can you say Liverpool Football Club, Richard Petty Motorsports?

So I felt a little better after SPEED’s Ray Dunlap’s interview divulged recently that it never was a Gilette/Raikkonen ICE1-project and instead the Kimster will drive 3-races for Kyle Busch Motorsports, (KBM)  making his PickemUp truck debut this Saturday night alongside Kyle at Charlotte Motor Speedway (May 20th)  which Y’all can watch on SPEED...

And KImi’s other two ‘PickEmUp Truck races apparently will be run at Texas and Homestead, I believe.

It’ll be fun to see how the Kimster does against his ‘Ol Stompin’ Pardner “Nielsen Pickett” (Nelson Piquet Jr.) who’s contesting his first full NCWTS season for rival competitor Kevin Harvick’s powerhouse KHI organization, as Nielsen Ho just scored his career best finish to date at Nashville, with a runner-up finish ironically behind Kyle Busch, where another ex-Formula  1 driver named Massimiliano “Mad Max” Papis got done Turned ‘round – bringing out the nights final Yellow flag.

Meanwhile scuttlebutt suggests that Räikkönen is already looking past PickEmUp racin’ and wants to run some Doublewide, Err Nationwide Carz before goin’ Toe-to-Toe with MAC Montoya in the Big Leagues whenever his Rallying doesn’t interfere...

And on top of The Kimster’s impending move to RASSCAR, now comes word that Kimi’s countryman Mika Salo will join the N-CUP Partee...