Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thoughts upon Cinco de Mayo

As Y’all may know, today is Cinco de Mayo, hence that Oh so clever? Title above, eh? As originally I’d hoped to have finished the first of my 4-part harmony, Err Formula One rookie profiles – with Mexico’s Sergio Perez batting lead-off... (Or whatever Yuhs Stick ‘N Ballers call it; Hmm? Perhaps I can find out upon the new website, eh?)

Thus, now that I’ve digressed – especially since I haven’t finished Senor Perez’s Bio, I thought I’d throw out a few thoughts upon the Mexicali market which seemingly is being left off the map at the moment, Ci? OOPS! Along with including my previous Mexicali Gran Primo Piloto’s story;

As it’s funny to Mwah, that there’s this really great market South of the Border, that I believe is closer then Porte Alego; “LET GO OF MY EGGO!” Mmm-Mmm Sprinkles! Err; must be breakfast time, eh? Hya!

As DON’T get me wrong, as in I have ZERO issues with IndyCar going to Brazil twice – or holding another Temporary “Twisty” Cirquito   upon the Street of Porto Alegre. It’s just disappointing to Mwah that we’re ignoring our feverant “GuacamoleHeadz”  Fan-base just across the border. As I recall there being some pretty good races at Mexico City’s Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez. As I think the latter Champ Car races venue was eerily similar to the current Sao Paolo IndyCar circut. 
As yeah, I know Y’all might say there’s some sorta illegal substances Cartel Turf war going on down there right now. Yet, if Indy Car is gonna give Mexico a pass, then how ‘bout Formula 1 making a return? As it could be twinned, tripled, Err coupled with Montreal and Austin, as I do recall the Mexican Grand Prix being held in conjunction (calendar-wise) with the Iceberg Gran Primo (USGP) in Phoenix, Arizona two decades ago...

As noted above; currently Mexico has Senor Perez leading its charge in the rarefied ‘Atmo de Formula Uno, whilst I firmly expect rising star and GP2 competitor Esteban Gutierrez  to shortly join the F1 Fraternity as part of Chez Slim’s burgeoning TelMex concern, albeit hopefully NOT at “K-Squared’s” (Kamui Kobayashi) expense.

And a very quick look thru the top doce single seater series, i.e.; GP2 and Indy Lights... Reveals the names Gutierrez and Juan Pablo Garcia; of whom I know nothing about the latter. Gutierrez is driving for Lotus-ART; Sigh! I’m getting really tired over that Lotee-Loti-LoTie CRAP! As it’ll be entertaining to see if Esteban can give GP Frontrunner Jules Bianchi a run for his money, Ci? While Juan Pablo (Garcia) ironically is driving for ‘KanaDuh’s Jenson Motorsport Indy Lights outfit.

Thus when I think of Viva la Mexico and IndyCarz, I think of the Good ‘Ol CART/Champ Car Dazes, albeit I believe the last Mexican winner defected to the Indy Racing League; Oh Never Mind! As I’m guessing that “YO ADRIAN!” As in Senor Adrian Fernandez was the last Mexican ‘BigCarz winner, Ci?

While a lesser known driver quickly pops up upon my radar – as I originally shunned Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen’s choice upon a relatively unknown “Back marker” named Michele Jourdain Jr. whom I took an immediate liking to as Jimmy Vasser’s teammate at Team Rahal. As I believe Vasser acted like a Big Brother to the affable Mexican, as I even think perhaps Jimmy, Michele and another Jourdain later contested the Ba-Jah. (Baja 1000) As I recall seeing Jourdain run around at a pretty decent clip at Portland International Raceway... Betcha didn’t think I could work PIR into the story, Eh! Carpets? Although I remember Jourdain being rooted for on the “Streets” of Vancouver, BC tooze...

Other Mexicali drivers of note who come to mind are David Martinez and Mario “Boom-Boom” Dominguez, who CARPETS just reminded me was the last Mexican winner, albeit in a controversial finish ‘Down Under in a Surfers Paradise deluge... So all I can say is Undelah- Undelah- Undelah! And DON’T forget to drink the worm...