Tuesday, May 3, 2011

F1: Paddock Notes – May 3rd Edition

Don’t know if Y’all have heard the good news that The Krakow Kid, a.k.a. Robert Kubica has finally left Hospital in Italy after a 10-weeks stay, with reports claiming that the Santa Corona Hospital has already filed insurance claims for $100,000 for his 76-day stay.

Kubica flew home to Monte Carlo for a little R&R before he’ll begin his intensive Rehabilitation program back in Italy under the watchful eye of Dr. Riccardo Ceccarelli...

Hispania Gets Sponsor Jolt
So isn’t it funny how rumours abound ‘bout Hispania doing a $35m deal (for 3yrs – same length of new sponsor dealio...) with Uncle Bernaughty to help break-up FOTA and Shuhzamm – a new team sponsor is announced... Which is good news for the struggling Spanish concern, as Base Batteries, another Indian company has stepped up to the plate; Hmm? TaTa Motors and now Base both sided with Hispania over Force India; Tisk-tisk!

Base will become the Squad’s official battery supplier – which is somewhat ironic to Mwah since HRT currently isn’t running the ‘Uber Eco UN-friendly and environmentally consuming KERS system...

What Does ‘NIGE Think?
So most likely its just Mwah, especially since I’d assume BLOODY ‘NIGE’s Flip-flopping allegiances between the warring Loti factions is all based around Sterling pounds, eh? Did anybody pick-up on the fact that somebody named Scott Mansell (‘Il Lione’s son?) was on hand for the Team Lotus Enterprises Caterham Cars Shindig – as one of its cadre of Professional chauffeurs offering ‘Demo-rides to willing victims. As BOP’s Andy Darley has a pretty entertaining story ‘bout the whole Caterham affair...

Team Willie Gets A Technical Makeover
Although I suppose it shouldn’t be overly shocking news – especially with the poor showing to date by Team Willie, nee Williams F1 – it was announced today that Technical Director Sam Michael and Chief Aerodynamicist Jon Tomlinson have both “Stepped Down,” Err resigned from their respective positions – effective at the end of this year.

And the SHOCKER of the announcement is that disgraced ex-McLaren Chief Designer Mike Coughlan – a key figure in the McLaren ’07 SpyGate caper... Has been appointed as the team’s new Chief Engineer – which I personally think is a coup for the struggling Team Willie, as I’m certain the technical changes are a result of the radical Lowline driveshaft system that the FW33 utilizes.

Speculation also suggests that team co-founder Patrick Head will be departing sometime later this year – perhaps what his Golden Parachute, nee Williams Stock flotation was all ‘bout? Now all Team Willie needs to do is hire the services of a ‘Juan Mr. Nigel Stepney, eh?