Friday, May 20, 2011

Herky Jerky Shuffle?

So I sat down to watch the RALLY-RALLY-RALLY B-I-G PickEmUp Trucks race from Charlotte, NC, where two BraZillian’s, ‘Juan Italian ‘N ‘Juan FINN were all competing in the NCTS race...

As none other then The “REAL” Iceman, nee Kimi Raikkonen was making his ‘RASSCAR Trucks debut, with ‘Sparrin pardner Nielsen Pickett (Nelson Piquet Jr.) & MAD MAX Papis in the field... As Thee Kimster started 31st, before hittin’ duh wall, albeit he faired better then reigning PickEmUp Trucks Champion ‘The Onion, a.k.a. Todd Bodine did... Who smacked the wall heavily, albeit I’m now scriblin’ this having missed out upon the action after a rousin’ phone-call ‘bout all of the SCINTILATIN’ action out at duh Speedway todayz...

Hmm? Wunder if perhaps Jay Penske should see if he canz doooze a dealio with KBM and there sponsor Herkey Jerky for their number two driver Scotty THE GOOSE! Speed, eh?

As The Kimster managed to hang on tight all night ‘N bring his Herky jerky Toy ‘Yoter Tundra; Hmm? Kimi, Finland ‘N Tundra’s; Oh Never Mind! As Räikkönen wound up 15th in his first Roundy ‘round race – and will theoretically continue his Campin’ Wurlds experiment next at Martinsville, before finishing off his Left-turns-Only schedule at Homestead – where Speed is supposedly gonna be Juan ‘O Randy “The CandyMann” Bernard’s B-I-G 5 NON INDYCAR STARZ in ‘Dat World Champ-pee-OnShips at Los Wages... Hmm? Wunder if Papis is available for next weekend – as perhaps Jay Penske may wanna give him a call?

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